Payment Ratio Report for 2017-12-04

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This is a report of the current payment ratios of the client accounts of @biophil's voting bot. An account with a larger payment ratio has a higher chance of voting first. Every account has a nonzero probability of voting first on each post, but if you've paid significantly more than everybody else, you'll vote first much more often. On the other hand, if your payment ratio is very close to someone else's, you will vote in the same position as they do on average. See this post for an outdated explanation of the voting order algorithm and how the payment ratios are calculated. You may notice that your payment ratio is higher or lower than you would normally expect; this is because I have recently rebooted the bot after a long absence and my accounting system has been modified slightly. Stay tuned for updates!

@rok-sivante: 0.11

@ojaber: 0.101

@robrigo: 0.076

@someonewhoisme: 0.05

@freeyourmind: 0.018

@snowflake: 0.016

@luna33: 0



Successful Send of 1
Sending Account: biophil
Receiving Account: philipnbrown
New sending account balance: 850881
New receiving account balance: 0
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: 3722fb753e4cd02d04358c0eb444cf925b5099c2
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