Comment Voting Report for thing-2 for 2017-08-23

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This is a report of the recent votes of the bot account @thing-2. This bot's mission is to vote comments and only comments, and you can find more information about it here.

In the past 24 hours, @thing-2 has voted for the following comments:


Well done good bottie, I've got a question pls, I hope it can be answered here, I decided not to ask it in ur introductory post cos ur introductory post is so old.
So her is the question: do u upvote a particular author only once and never upvote him again?

Great question. Authors can get repeat votes, but they're sort of rate-limited. If you get a vote, you're less likely to get another vote soon after.

Ok, thanks for the feedback, I now get it.

Good Bottle lol

hey what does this bot do though?How does it decide who gets upvotes??

Good Post