Who wants to be a X-Mas Hero?

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It´s Christmas, the festival of love, the day on that we only do good things, right?

So who wants to be the Hero who gives me and my almost 5 year old account a little push so that I can finally reach a Reputation of 72?

Ohne Titel.jpg

Just a few weeks ago I checked my Reputation for the first time in quite a long time. I was surprised that it was still sitting at 71. Today, after several more posts, it´s still sitting there. That makes me think if it is kind of stuck there. Maybe it only needs some WD-40? But most likely I just need some more upvotes.

Anyway, if you want to be the one, check out my latest post and give me that last nudge so I can slide into the new year in peace. :)



Let me see if this Tipu vote will do the trick for you :)

Merry Christmas!

@tipu curate

haha cheers man, but the 72 seems to be a tough nut to crack. not sure if it even counts as I`ve selected 100% Hive Fund for the rewards. We will see. Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas

I just checked your HiveTasks profile and it already shows 72.000 there ;) Congrats!

Bez názvu.png

yes, just saw it. seems it takes a while until it changes here in peak. Thanks man

You are welcome :) I just broke 77 a few days ago, I was also happy about it. Took me almost a year from 76, the algorithm is really ruthless :D

Ok thats weird but I let that count. In the header its still 71.99 :)


Ohne Titel.jpg

Congratulations you jumped over 72 Reputation. :-)

Yes, finally. Thank you for your support

Haha! You made it! Imagine how hard 73 will be :))
One step at the time, well done!!!

yes, finally. Oh god, I guess I will never reach it. :) It´s pretty easy in the beginning and gets harder and harder

So I've heard :) Well done for you!!!

I'm new to the hive network, do you mind if I ask what is reputation score? Any benefits to it at all? @betterthanhome

It gets higher the more upvotes you get. Everyone over 70 is here since a few years i would guess, but in the end it doesn´t really matter. I just celebrated it cause it took my forever to crack that 72. It gets harder and harder the higher the reputation goes. I guess I need another year to get to 73.

@betterthanhome haha you are like me, you like the next milestone 😂 I will hopefully see 50 soon haha 🤞