What might they be worth a few years from now?

Hoppe not to much, just the right balance .... we dont want to be like ETH and the gas :)

There is a significant difference between costs in ETH and HIVE as our Resource Credits automatically renew with time. Your RC pool depends on your Hive Power and sending transactions does not decrease the number of your tokens (in contrary to ETH's gas). Players will just need to invest a bit in HP, nothing more.

Or to wait for RC to regenerate! :)

This is my argument against the people screaming Hive to $5 or more... A good platform is going to have that balance.

Hive can easy expand Blocksize if needed and outsource less important transactions to sidechains.

IMO hive at 5$ would be also a cheap price for it. On ETH you pay for every transactions. Hive is way ahead of it

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The rate can be adjusted, so it will depend on how much usage, what kind of scalability improvements we've seen, as well as what settings the witnesses have in place for RC costs.

Something to learn from and keep in check. Too high of a buy in would be a eco system killer.

I have no clue, what are those units, and what are they worth.
Ideal would be to be able to say: 1x voting costs x units of RC which would be a theoretical value of y$.
Or 1x posting costs x units of RC which would be a theoretical value of y$.

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