Ned made me play this song three time in a row as he awkwardly dad danced around the office. Then he began repeating, "Cash and loot, we bout that cash and loot!" until a programmer freaked out and threw a stapler at him. Anyways, great song!


I think that "Cash and loot we about that cash and loot" would make a good song @rest100. You might wanna start working on lyrics for that before someone else steals it.

I did make the song lol did you not hear it?

what? no way. Link it man.

The link shows on the steemit website I’ll share here too

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lol no way

Do you think I want to intern for Steemit Inc?
Hell no!

I was hoping to intern at a newspaper or even a library would be better than a company where the fear of sodomy is lurking around every corner. Seriously, Steemit Inc is a terrible place!

Neds-intern is satire! If you read the post you would realise that because it's ridiculous! Hilarious but ridiculous!!!

The author is staying in character because that's part of the fun. I shouldn't have to explain this - smh

You're cute!