Free downvotes are coming, promoting this post to $200 + is not cool. My 50% downvote didn't put a dent in your post value, but when free DVs are here I will be on the hunt daily for people abusing the reward pool. And at least use dsound if you are going to promote your post this high.

who the fuck are you to say what content is worthy

I don't have to use shit but steemit and my stake
ps fuck you and dsound fag

You aint the only one with whales in your corner you don't want these problems

mf been on here a whole year and think he gonna call the shots fuck off pussy

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Heya @rest100 thanks for sharing such interesting review... I was trying to get the most relevant review and you helped me.... Thanks alot!!!!

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That's Amazing!

Downvoted based on your response to negative feedback. Cool down and think about your attitude. Have a nice day.

Tell you what when a downvote is justified based on the content produced and not the fact some one is jealous the post has been upvoted. The response won't be negative bc his feed back was not negative just pure hate. Pretty sure it didn't matter what the post was about

I think his problem is the payout of the post reaching over $200. I don't know if he listened to your music. I think he feels his downvote is justified.

Theycallmedan has done a lot of good for Steem for most of this year. He contributes prizes, he actively promotes Steem on social media and he provides motivational material. Downvoting out of spite would be out of character for him.

I also want to give you credit for your music and your original work. Thank you for adding value and attracting people to this platform.

Even if you think you have been unfairly treated, throwing a rant and insulting someone does not reflect well on you. You are a professional and you are better than your vulgar display in your response.

We all can agree to disagree his downvote is justified my post booming is justified life moves on.... tired of wasting time on ppl who don’t support just look to complain... but when higen was abusing the votes with daily arts we all remained silent. But what every this why steemit can’t break thru like any other social site 🤷🏽‍♂️

my post booming

You crack me up buddy.

not the fact some one is jealous the post has been upvoted.

There's a huge difference between a post being upvoted organically and someone PURCHASING votes. You purchased votes, everyone fucking knows that, and by the sounds of it you want to present this post to the public as if you had EARNED this slot high up on the Stemit's trending page. You want to ACT like fame got you here and anyone who disagrees with your delusion is just a HATER. You're falling for your own magic tricks, but anyone here with a brain can see right through your smoke and mirrors.

That's not "pure hate" dude. Excessive use of purchased votes is what it was, according to that member. You're just trying to play the little victim card.

I won't downvote you today. You suck at selling yourself. You and I talked about this a long time ago. You received downvotes and even some of your friends later came and said the post was a shit post, after you threw a similar hissy fit crybaby tantrum about getting downvoted. Even back then you tried to tell people in the know the post reached trending organically. It was a big fucking joke and we all laughed at you.

You haven't learned a goddamn thing. Dude, you got positive reviews. Your shit is taking off. I'm happy to see that!

You gotta work on your marketing. This post does not make you look as good as you can look. It makes you look lazy. You should be proud, you spent money to advertise, this promotion should be epic. It's not though. Hire a goddamn publicist or a PR manager because you're going places and you're going to need one.

It's good to see you again though. I really am happy to learn your music is taking off.


Good to see u too

Thanks for the post.