The inner thoughts of an asshole pt.1

in #rest1004 years ago


Do you think I care? Am I supposed to? What power do you have over me to make me feel anything but self driven? What do I owe you, do you know me at all? Have you seen what I’ve seen have you felt the pain I have felt experienced the lost I have. But I’m supposed to feel something for you a total strangers who’s feelings got hurt because of a statement you took personal or a reaction you didn’t precise acceptable.

When did we all become such soft flamboyant beings that every sensitive nerve in the body must be acknowledged? Who made submission the acceptable maneuver whenever in conflict? Who said bottling up this kinda rage was acceptable or healthy? Maybe that old lady half sleep at the light needs you to blow your horn and scream “Wake the fuck up lady” or that dick who cut you in line at the store needs to be called out. Or what about that nasty ass kid coughing without covering his mouth and the disrespectful little brat causing hell in public for their parents.

So remember it’s ok to be kind but remember to sprinkle a little FUCK YOU in every once in a while and check this soft world we live in 💯