Steem Faucet #7 - ReSteem & Earn 0.25 STEEM!

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Earn 0.25 STEEM if you do the following simple task!


  • You must have minimum 10 followers, to prevent abusers from creating new accounts.
  • You can do this task with multiple accounts, but you must have min 10 followers or more on each!


1) Resteem this post (this one), by scrolling down and clicking on the Resteem Button


2) Resteem @profitgenerator's posts (both):

3) Follow me by clicking on my username: @earnsteem, and click on the white rectangle follow button:


4) Follow @profitgenerator too!

5) Write something in the comment section below (anything), but only 1 time!

6) You will get paid soon, when I'm online!

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We already love Steemit! ;)

Cool faucet!!

I've earned my steem. These rewards are so fun. Might have to set a poetry related one up.

Thank you very much.

followed, resteemed, upvoted ;)

Best faucet ever!!

How are you? Thanks

Nice to see you.

Long time no see.

followed, resteemed, upvoted.

It's nice to meet you

thank you

Cool faucet

How are ya?

What’s going on?

Pleased to meet you


Great post

I love earnsteem, thanks

An incisive look into the heart of Steemit!

anything ? WOW

I do believe in the future of Steemit. Those who stay here for the long term will be greatly rewarded.

I'm online! and you?

How old are you?

thank you very much!

Excellent post!

My name's Quynh, and you?

Thank you

How are things?

excellent idea congratulations

thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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