You can now hide resteems

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This has been one of the most requested features in a long time. With a recent ninja update to condenser you now have the ability to hide resteems!

As far as I can tell, this is not a sticky toggle and you must click it every time you want to hide resteems.


Looks like its a community pull request from @eonwarped. 👏

Thanks for the mention! I'll just leave this here (My Utopian submission). :)

That's pretty cool. I didn't necessarily need the feature myself. I would rather be able to filter the followed page by groups, so I can more easily stay up to date on my closest friends and try to ensure I don't miss their posts.

It's good that they finally implemented such a simple feature though.

I'm going to resteem this just so I can hide it.

We have come full circle.

I was one of those people requesting this feature. I would have done it differently though. By default, when we visit a blog, we'd only see the posts they've published. That would be the 'My Blog' tab. Beside that tab I would have made a 'My Collection' tab. That's where we could stash posts we enjoyed and resteemed. The now defunct Stumbleupon platform was similar. Your blog was a collection of links you found around the internet. People could browse your collection and discover new things.

Oh stumbleupon. Those were the days.

That platform is one of the reasons why my older work had thousands of views, always going higher. They shut down but I have a new plan in the works to help promote my work and this platform.

That is what I want too!

But I just unfollow anyone who does a lot of resteems.

Someone should tell those people who pay the resteem services how much money they're wasting. LOL!

Condenser means exclusive to steemit, right?

yes, Other front ends are free to implement whatever features they want as long as it conforms to the rules of the blockchain.

Thanks 😉

Whats the point of a resteem then?

Wait, I get it you can hide others RS so you can just see their original content.

It's still going to show up on your personal feed as well, what the people you follow resteem.

Resteem'd! Or was it?

Hi Mark. I am not a fan of resteems as some users just do it to keep their mates happy. If something is worthwhile by all means but 90 percent isn't.

It would be nice if bybdefault you could enable to have them hidden from your feed, what I care is what others see, in terms of consistency

So does this mean bots that make money by re-steeming are out of business?

There was no business to begin. If anyone believes they will get traffic and views from a resteem service are sadly mistaken. People will still buy it though unfortunately and they will wallet spam. Such is life.

Oh, ok. I wasn't Saying it was successful or anything I just know that it's out there. I've used it before when I 1st got here but I found it was pointless. But they make it look like it's some kind of business. So I guess they won't lose anything. I was under the impression that steemit were the one who started these little confusing robots. So I guess they dont lose anything. Just a question. My bad.

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It's a valid question, but I am firmly against resteem bots as they are a joke. They are mostly ghost accounts and no one is going to follow them and have 10,000-30,000 people spamming posts in their feed.

They don't work and don't have value, that was my point. I don't think this feature will change that, as I don't think people go to resteem bots profiles to find content.

The thing is that I don't usually resteem cos I want others to find my blog representing what I do, maybe this way now even if subtle I'm gonna to feel encouraged to share more... This is something that whaleshares got right you have your posts (by default) and the your "shares" among the other alt chains that have appeared I think it's the more solid, but steemit is my blockchain home and hope they can do something similar. c´mon Steem give us some user friendly changes! :)

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