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Retzark White Paper


Welcome to Retzark, an HIVE blockchain TCG, where strategy, collectibility, and fair play converge to create a uniquely engaging experience.

Developed by Dataloft LLC, @retzark leverages the company's expertise in decentralized applications, showcased by D.Buzz, a dApp built for the HIVE blockchain. Retzark invites players from all backgrounds to delve into the rich and strategic gameplay to become part of a growing community.

Game Overview

Retzark unfolds in the mystical world of Arondaze, offering players a captivating narrative and a gameplay experience that balances simplicity and depth. It is a game that is easy to pick up but challenging to master, appealing to an audience of casual players, hardcore strategists, and blockchain enthusiasts.

Map of Arondaze.jpg

Map of Arondaze

Accessible Gameplay

In keeping with our commitment to accessibility:

  • Free-to-Play Model: Retzark is entirely free to join and play. Players can experience the excitement of the game without any upfront cost.

  • Common Cards Accessibility: All common cards in Retzark are available to all players from the beginning, ensuring that every player, regardless of their spending capacity, has access to a robust set of cards to compete effectively.


Players aim to cause 15 damage to the opponent's base or cause the most damage in 7 rounds.


  • Players: Retzark is a head-to-head game.
  • Energy Level: Each round starts with a base energy of 8, increasing by one each round. Unused energy doesn't carry over to the next round.
  • Card Allocation: At the start of each match, players are dealt five cards from their deck. Up to three of the five cards can be placed on the battlefield. From round two onwards, players can place up to two cards per round on the battlefield.
  • Drawing Cards: You will automatically draw two cards at the start of each round.
  • Base: Each player's base has a health of 15. Striking a position with no card will damage the player's base.

Winning Condition

  • Primary Objective: The main goal in Retzark is for players to inflict damage on the opponent's base. The player who causes the most damage to the other player's base by the end of the game is declared the winner.
  • Instant Win Condition: If a player inflicts 15 damage to their opponent's base at any point during the game, they are declared the winner immediately.
  • End of Round 7: If the game reaches the end of Round 7, the winner is determined by comparing the damage inflicted on each player's base. The player who has inflicted the most damage on their opponent's base is declared the winner.
  • Draw Scenario: If both players have inflicted equal damage to each other's bases at the end of round 7, the match is declared a draw.
  • Folding: If a player folds (surrenders) during the game, their opponent is the winner, regardless of the current damage to the bases.


Group 192.png

Ranked Battles

The heart of Retzark is its ranked battle system, where players compete to earn in-game currency, climb the ranks, and establish their reputations within the community. This system is tied to structured leagues, seasonal play, and tournament participation, offering a dynamic and competitive environment.

Ranking System and Leagues

Ranks: Players progress through several ranks, starting from Rookie and advancing through Adept, Expert, Master, Grandmaster, Champion, Legend, Myth, and finally reaching Transcendent.

The first five ranks have three subranks each, with each rank ending with a number (e.g., rookie 1, rookie 2, rookie 3)

The following three ranks have five subranks, each ending with a number (e.g., champion 1, champion 2, champion 3, champion 4, champion 5).

The last rank (transcendent) is a rank that the top 100 players attain.

Group 4 (2).png

Some icons representing ranks (adept, expert)


  • Rank Progression: Players need to accumulate experience points (XP) to move to the next subrank. XP is earned by wagering mana and winning in ranked matches.
  • Ascending a Rank: Ascending from one rank to the next requires accumulating the necessary XP and winning 2 out of 3 placement matches from the last subrank after reaching the XP threshold.

Rank Protection: Players receive one-match protection preventing rank demotion after ranking up, briefly safeguarding their new rank.

Leagues and Seasons: Players participate in various leagues, each with its rank structure and a seasonal timeline. These seasons dictate the game's pace, with players aiming to achieve the highest possible rank before the season ends.

Tournaments: Besides the regular ranked matches, players can engage in tournaments. These tournaments offer additional opportunities for players to showcase their skills, win prizes, and gain recognition in the Retzark community.

Mana System

Group 3.png

Daily Mana Allocation and Maintenance

  • Players' Mana Regenerates daily based on deck power and rank, ranging from 50 to 1,000 mana.
  • Accounts maintain their maximum eligible mana amount, which stays within the maximum limit.

Wagering, Winning, and Losing Mechanics

  • Mana must be wagered in ranked matches, with a maximum bet of 20 to 100 mana per match.
  • Winning a match converts wagered mana into XP, aiding rank progression.
  • Losing a match results in a decrease of XP by half the total mana bet.
  • In the event of a tie, wagered mana are lost and do not contribute to either player's progression.
  • Unwagered mana are maintained but do not accumulate beyond the maximum limit.

Rank Progression

  • Each ranking tier, from Rookie to Grandmaster, requires 200 to 1000 XP, respectively, to progress to the next tier.

Allocation Criteria

  • Free-to-Play Accounts (Only Common Cards):
    • Rookie: 50 mana
    • Adept: 100 mana
    • Expert: 150 mana
    • Master: 200 mana
    • Grandmaster - Transcendent: 250 mana
  • Accounts with Decks:
    • Rookie: Up to 200 mana
    • Adept: Up to 400 mana
    • Expert: Up to 600 mana
    • Master: Up to 800 mana
    • Grandmaster - Transcendent: Up to 1000 mana

Wagered Battles

game-board-normal-atk (2).png

Example screenshot of Retzark's gameplay (not indicative of final look)

Wagered Battles introduce a thrilling aspect of risk and reward to Retzark, where players stake their hard-earned Ret tokens in matches against others. This feature becomes available when players attain the Expert rank, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement.

Wagering System: In Wagered Battles, players can challenge others within their rank, wagering Ret tokens. This system promotes fair and competitive matches, with stakes proportional to the players' skill levels.

Acquisition of Ret Tokens: Ret tokens, the currency used for wagering, cannot be purchased, traded, or transferred to another player. Players can only acquire these tokens by playing ranked matches.

By limiting the wagering to players of similar ranks and ensuring that Players can only earn Ret tokens through gameplay, Retzark maintains a balanced and fair environment where skill and strategy are paramount.


Introduction to the Retzark Alpha Card Pack

Group 240.png

The Retzark alpha pack

The Retzark Alpha card pack, featuring a collection of 162 unique cards, is the first official set released in the Retzark game. This initial offering is pivotal for players beginning their journey, providing the foundational elements for gameplay and strategy. A total of 300,000 packs will be issued.

Rarity Distribution in the Alpha Pack

  • Legendary Cards: 5%
  • Epic Cards: 10%,
  • Rare Cards: 25%
  • Common Cards: 60%

Special Gold Foil Cards

  • Gold Foil Feature: To add an element of rarity and excitement, 1% of the cards in each pack are unique Gold Foil versions. These cards have a unique aesthetic appeal and may also possess in-game enhancements.

Group 228 (1).png

Cards, each with attributes and abilities, are the core of Retzark's gameplay. Strategically selecting and combining these cards is crucial for victory in matches.

The Retzark Vault: Exclusive Storage for Unopened Card Packs

Dedicated Storage

The Retzark Vault specializes in securely storing packs of Retzark cards. This exclusive service is ideal for players who wish to keep their card packs in pristine, unopened condition, preserving the thrill and value of the unopened packs.

Trading Packs on the Retzark Marketplace

Unique to the Retzark Vault is players' ability to trade their card packs on the Retzark Marketplace. This feature allows for exchanging these sealed packs, adding an exciting layer of collectibility and speculation to the game's ecosystem.

Control and Flexibility

Players retain complete control over their unopened packs in the Vault. Options available to you include:

  • Keep your packs securely stored in the Vault.
  • Listing your packs for trade or sale on the Retzark Marketplace.
  • Requesting physical delivery of your packs to your location.

Requesting Physical Delivery

If you decide to open your packs or wish to collect them physically, we provide a service to ship your unopened card packs directly to you. These packs will be sent to your chosen address worldwide upon shipping and handling fee payment.

Group 227.png

Some of Retzark's trading cards

Card Categories and Rules

  • Rarities: Four card rarities are available: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  • Epic and Legendary Restrictions: Players can place a maximum of five Epic cards per game, but not multiple on the same round. Legendary cards, limited to one per game, can be played from round four onwards and cannot coexist with an Epic card on the field.
  • Energy Stats by Rarity: Common cards have an energy stat of 1-3, Rare cards 3-5, Epic cards 6-8, and Legendary cards 7-10.
  • Legendary Card Traits: Legendary cards can only have one maxed stat and are immune to stat-boosting effects.
  • Health: determines how much health you have. Every time you are attacked, you lose health. The card will be sent to the graveyard if the hp of the card reaches 0. The max value is 10.
  • Speed Mechanic: The speed determines the order of card actions within a round—cards with higher speed act before those with lower speed, influencing strategic planning and round outcomes.
  • Energy Mechanics:
    • Allocation: At the start of each round, players receive energy that increases by one each round, starting from 8.
    • Usage: Each card has an energy cost, necessitating strategic energy management for compelling gameplay.
    • Expiration: Unused energy does not carry over to the next round, emphasizing the importance of resource management.

Attacks and Abilities

  • Composition: Each card possesses one basic attack and one ability.
  • Damage Calculation: Basic attacks cause random damage from 1 to the card's attack stat. Abilities, triggered upon deployment, also deal damage based on the attack stat and may include additional effects.
  • Attack Mechanics: Abilities are activated on the round of card deployment, followed by basic attacks in subsequent rounds.


In addition to original stats, cards also have:

  • Turn: Determines the duration of the card on the field (maximum five turns).
  • Maximum Stat Limits: When ascending cards, all stats have a maximum value limit of 10. Meaning no stat can exceed a value of 10.


Anatomy of a Retzark card

Card Ascension

The Card Ascension system allows players to increase the power and capabilities of their cards by ascending them through Three distinct tiers.

  • Combining Duplicates: Players can combine duplicate cards they own to ascend a card to a higher tier.
  • Tier Levels: There are Three tiers in total, each offering increased power and capabilities.
  • Requirements for Ascension:
    • Legendary cards require 6/8/10 duplicates per tier.
    • Epic cards need 13/16/20 duplicates per tier.
    • Rare cards require 30/40/50 duplicates per tier.
    • Common cards need 60/80/100 duplicates per tier.
  • Stat Point Addition: Ascending a tier adds one random stat point to your card. However, this will not apply to a stat already reaching its maximum value. In such cases, the energy required to play the card will decrease.
  • Visual Upgrades and Rewards: Ascending all tiers of a card grants players a visual upgrade and other rewards, enhancing the card's appearance and showcasing its elevated status.
  • Special Achievement: The first player to ascend to 4 tiers for a specific card will earn the "World First" achievement. This achievement includes a special card badge recognizing the player's accomplishment.

Creating a Deck

NEW-DECK (2).png

The card deck page

Deck creation in Retzark is an art. Players must balance their selections to create a synergistic deck that reflects their strategic preferences and is adaptable to various opponents and scenarios. The process involves selecting 30 cards, each contributing to the overall strategy and adaptability of the deck. This careful selection ensures that players can handle a variety of gameplay scenarios and opponent strategies, making each deck a unique reflection of the player's tactical approach and style.

Rewards, Card Selection, and Match Fairness in Retzark

Rewards System

Retzark features a comprehensive rewards system designed to motivate continuous play and engagement. Rewarding players through various means, including:

  • Daily Rewards: Regular incentives for daily gameplay.
  • Seasonal Payouts: Larger rewards come at the end of each season based on player rankings and achievements.
  • Loot Chests: Randomized rewards that contain various in-game items or tokens.
  • Leaderboard Accolades: Recognition and rewards for top-performing players in various categories and rankings.

Card Selection and Hashing

Selection Time: Players are allotted 25 seconds to select their cards for each round, ensuring a brisk yet thoughtful selection process.

Hash Generation: Following selection, a hash of these cards is generated and posted onto the Hive Blockchain. This step verifies that the cards revealed match the original card selection.

Ensuring Match Fairness

Automated Card Hash Submission: At the beginning of each match, the game automatically processes and submits the hashes of the players' selected cards to the Hive Blockchain.

Automated Card Revelation: The cards are revealed after the system automatically confirms that both players have submitted their hashes.

Automated Verification Process: The game automatically uses the pre-match hash to verify that the revealed cards correspond to the initial selection. This crucial automated step ensures that the gameplay remains fair and prevents cheating, maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of every match.

This integrated and automated approach in Retzark, which includes a secure card selection and fair match play system, ensures a competitive, engaging, and trustworthy gaming experience.

Economic Model

RET and ZARK Tokens

Group 225.png

Zark and Ret token icons

  • Ret Tokens: Earned through gameplay or tournaments, used for wagering, or converted into Zark Tokens.

  • Zark Tokens: Used for purchasing cards and upgrades. Players cannot convert Zark tokens back into Ret Tokens or use them for wagering. However, they can be purchased and sold using Hive and other cryptocurrencies, providing players with flexible transaction options.

Token Distribution System for RET

Formula for RET Token Distribution

The RET token distribution calculation uses the following steps:

Initial Setup

Initial Total of Daily Token Pool (TDP): Establish the initial number of tokens to distribute on the first day, e.g., 1,000,000.

Daily Calculation

Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 9.31.12 PM.png

Sample Calculation

This formula calculates Tokens Allocated to Each Rank (TAR) and Tokens Per Win (TPW).

Day 1:

  • TDP1 = 1,000,000 tokens
  • Rank Weights: E.g., Rookie 1 (W=0.33), Rookie 2 (W=0.66), Rookie 3 (W=1), Adept 1 (W=1.33), and so forth up to Transcendent (W=10).
  • Total Weight (TW) = Sum of all rank weights
  • Daily Matches Per Rank (DMR): E.g., 1,000 matches/hour in each rank

Tokens Per Win for Each Rank:

  • Rookie: Approximately 0.298 - 0.906 tokens per win
  • Adept: Approximately 1.204 - 1.812 tokens per win
  • Expert: Approximately 2.110 - 2.717 tokens per win
  • Master: Approximately 3.016 - 3.623 tokens per win
  • Grandmaster: Approximately 3.922 - 4.529 tokens per win
  • Champion: Approximately 4.711 - 5.435 tokens per win
  • Legend: Approximately 5.617 - 6.341 tokens per win
  • Myth: Approximately 6.523 - 7.246 tokens per win
  • Transcendent: Approximately 9.058 tokens per win

Day 2:

  • TDP2 = 999,000 tokens (0.1% less than Day 1)
  • Repeat the calculation with the adjusted TDP, slightly changing the tokens per win for each rank.

Day 3: 998,001 tokens
Day 4: 997,003 tokens
Day 5: 996,006 tokens
Day 6: 995,010 tokens
Day 7: 994,015 tokens

DBuzz Airdrop

Expanding the Retzark Universe Through DBuzz

As part of the exciting launch of Retzark, Dataloft LLC is thrilled to announce a special airdrop for the DBuzz community. This initiative aims to reward our loyal DBuzz users and welcome them into the mystical world of Retzark.

Airdrop Eligibility and Rewards

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Active DBuzz Users: Any eligible account active on DBuzz before or until March 31, 2024, making at least one qualifying post or comment, will be eligible for the Retzark airdrop.
  • Qualifying Activities: A qualifying activity includes posting original content or engaging in meaningful discussions through comments on DBuzz.

Rewards Structure:

  • Minimum Reward: Eligible participants will receive a minimum of 1 Retzark game card as a token of appreciation for their engagement on DBuzz.
  • Additional Rewards for Long-Term Users: To honor our long-time users' dedication, we offer up to 5 cards each month they were active on DBuzz. This gesture acknowledges their continuous support and contribution to the DBuzz community.

How to Participate

Users must ensure they meet the eligibility criteria by engaging on DBuzz with quality content or comments to participate in the airdrop. Watch for DBuzz announcements for more details on securing your Retzark game cards.

Community and Ecosystem

Retzark's community is the cornerstone of the game. The Dataloft team is actively working to foster a thriving ecosystem by networking with Web3 creators worldwide. Their effort includes attending global events and forging partnerships with Web3 gaming enthusiasts. This outreach extends their successful work on DBuzz, a leading social media platform built on the Hive Blockchain.

The Hive Blockchain has been the launchpad for some of the most successful Web3 games, boasting a vibrant and dynamic community. Retzark taps into this thriving environment, connecting players and fostering engagement through the game and a broader Web3 community. This global outreach and a collaborative spirit are critical drivers in building a supportive and engaged player base for Retzark.

Competitive Landscape

A key feature that sets Retzark apart is its unique wagering system. In competitive matches, players can wager RET tokens, which they earn through gameplay. This system creates the excitement of wagering without the risks associated with traditional betting games, as it prohibits the direct injection of real money for wagering purposes. It's a perfect blend of thrill and responsibility, appealing to players who enjoy the strategy and rewards of wagering but wish to avoid the pitfalls of real-money gambling.

Adding to its competitive edge is Retzark's rich storytelling and original art. The game boasts over 162 unique characters, each intricately designed and woven into the lore of the Retzark universe. This depth of storytelling and character design enriches the gameplay experience and creates a deeply immersive world for players to explore. These characters' compelling narratives and stunning visuals make a strategically engaging and visually captivating game.

The Visionary Behind Retzark: Kraster's Influence

At the core of Retzark's immersive universe is the creative spirit of Kraster @valkangel, the game's principal artist and lead architect of its intricate mechanics. A story smith and visionary, Kraster's influence is woven into the fabric of Retzark, with the game's name being a cryptic nod to its creator—Kraster spelled backward, with an imaginative twist.


Kraster, The game's loremaster and leading artist

The Chronicles of Arondaze breathes life into each card, infusing the game with a sense of history and purpose. Players are not merely deploying cards in battle; they call upon characters with their motivations, triumphs, and tragedies, making every match a chapter in a grander saga.

Kraster's dedication to a cohesive and captivating universe gives Retzark its soul, drawing players to delve into this meticulously crafted world where strategy and story converge.


"RETZARK" is a strategic card game focusing on energy management, card placement, and using cards with various abilities. It is coupled with a betting system and a comprehensive ranking structure, promising a fulfilling blend of strategy, earning, and community engagement.

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Yes anytime that you where active on will count.

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