REVIEW after 2 week test - social media, crypto-micro-blogging and crypto-blogging websites

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The two weeks ago I chose to review a few websites that I thought would be a good thing.
I was advised to remove 50% of them so that I have enough time for something else.
I didn’t choose the websites just because I can earn a lot on them but also based on how much reactions I received on the discussions and how satisfied I was in general by using that application or the website.


1. MemoCash #BCH

I was very satisfied by this website. The only objection is that it doesn’t have a iPhone application but it doesn’t matter. It works fine inside of a browser even w/o the notifications.

2. Peepeth #ETH

I was not really satisfied by this application there was no interactions and the website looks abandoned. There is no mobile application, dark mode and an each action requires signing with the Metamask.

3. FloteApp #BTC

I like this application. It doesn’t make me any money but I usually can find some interesting content there. Interaction was insufficient to hold onto it.

4. DBuzz #HIVE

This is also one of my favorites. It is rather new so I will wait until they get the mobile application, dark mode and other stuff. It is based on the HIVE which is one of my favorite block chains.

5. Minds #ETH

It has enough interesting things to hold onto it for now.

6. Commun #CYBER

Still too new to be important to me. For now they are in the token distribution phase, so the future will tell.

7. TouchSocial #TST

Basically a mobile picture application. I was not impressed so I will let it go. For future use.

8. Murmur #EOS

Can't do much in this one, because it doesn't let me. Mobile app is not loading on my iPhone and web app is useless alike. It could be a present state of things there, but after re-testing it for two weeks I have to let it go.

9. Karma #EOS

I had to sign up with another account on the web version and they present Adsense in my feed without possibility to shut them down in any way. App is too slow at least for me and doesn't have enough interesting content to keep it around. Maybe in the future.

I will keep the Memo.Cash, and Minds.


1. Hive/Ecency/dpoll #HIVE

Pretty cool to use, plus I am there from 2016. Ecency is the only one that has a mobile app.

2. ReadCash #BCH

Not interested and pretty much disappointed with their recent actions. I retracted from using their website in total.

3. Publish0x #ETH

I am nor here nor there with them. I guess I will let it flow for now. There are a lot of posting about crypto so on that part it is interesting but in most part I am not really inspired. I will continue testing.

4. BetaCentCo #ETH

Even before they changed I was not that much interested what is going on there. We don't actually own our content once published on their platform, it is in their TOS. Now, even without that now their interface is so unattractive for me that I can't really use it.

5. GolosID #GLS

Strange enough but I will stick with the Golos Classic. For nothing else but because I like it. They introduced a few new ways of rewarding users and that is kind of OK.

6. Uptrennd #1UP

They introduced other topics but crypto on this website that was prior crypto-only. That is enough to be satisfied for me. I will keep this for now.

7. Apsense #PP

Apsense is sort of the LinkedIn with rewards/points. Page is so far OK, there is not much to complain about but it is not something I want to do right now. I placed this under my Github blog for future use.

8. Smoke #BTS

I am part of this website for the legalization, it is a website for cannabis enthusiast.

9. Whaleshares #BTS

Whaleshares are one of those website where I have spent the most time an effort per day. I have the appropriate feedback there. I still dislike the fact they were incapable making it an in-page fine dark mode.

I will keep HIVE dapps, Publish, GolosID, Uptrennd, Smoke and Whaleshares.


1. Twitter

Yes. Because for now the advantages are greater that the disadvantages. But it deserves better rules and user policy.

2. Facebook

I didn't delete the thing because some local places have contact with it, but I am not using it for anything significant or anything else.

3. Instagram

Nice pics, but that is pretty much it.

4. Reddit

User-base is big, but for now I have not much usage for it. I placed this under my Github blog for future use.

5. Mastodon

Not interested, too few followers and not much users to start with. Deleted.

6. Linkedin

Business based. For now I am not interested.

7. Vk

It's fine, but no time for it. I will log into it occasionally.

8. Gab

All mobile applications disappeared and I can't log into the instance over the federated mobile apps on Mastodon because they have been blacklisted. Seems extreme. They also lost dark mode, no idea why.I will see what will happen there.

9. Pinterest

Good enough to keep. Will use same as IMGur.

I will keep Twitter, Gab and Pinterest.

Next things I plan to re-test are the video websites - YouTube ( $Adsense), LBRY ( #LBC) and Tiktok ($Paypal) , and chat app called Wowapp ($Paypal).

My current dashboard looks like this

Cover image free wallpaper

Find me on:
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Nice list, few items sites I haven't seen before. Based on your review on a few other sites, interested to see what you think of @quello?

Disclaimer: I created the site, however interested to hear your thoughts as you've commented on a range of different platforms 👍