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Punky Skunk is a very particular video game since it was developed laterally influenced by the action, it was published by Visit on November 1, 1996 and developed by Ukiyotei, at the time Punky Skunk was developed for the PlayStation video console and was suspended for Super Famicom. Punky Skunk was a highly criticized video game but without a doubt it marked the childhood of many.



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Punky Skunk was developed with a very special story since all his friends have been kidnapped and the city is being attacked by an evil wolf, the main character Punky a friendly skunk who loves extreme sports, we will have to use those same skills to save each of our friends, the video game has 30 funny dangerous levels. Without a doubt, Punky Skunk is one of my favorite video games.



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The great video game called Punky Skunk has excellent graphics, with scenarios full of colors and impressive flashes, each scenario has a different theme which makes it a unique and special video game, as we advance in the world of Punky Skunk we will meet enemies and battles developed in 3D. Without a doubt, Punky Skunk has a high range of colors, flashes and shadows that adapt perfectly to the history of the video game.

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The Punky Skunk video game has an incredible playability since it has 1 main character, whose character has incredible abilities such as jumping, hitting and many other things, which will make it easier to defeat the army of the BB Brigade led by Badler

Punky Skunk is based on action and war, developed with a side scrolling, the enemies have an increasing difficulty, that is; As we advance in the video game, the more difficult the enemies will be or their difficulty will increase, but for this we will have 2 friends named Nash and Kelly

Throughout the game we will find tools to facilitate the elimination of the enemy or the evil army of the BB Brigade led by Badler, among the tools we will have; a parasail, a stick, a skunk spray, a snowboard, skates and some digging claws that are my favorites

During the development of the video game we will also find minigames that can benefit our character Punky since they will give us lives and extra points which will facilitate our stay within it (without a doubt we will need it since we will find very strong enemies)

Like other video games such as Sonic or Super Mario Bros, we will also collect stars which will provide us with extra lives, after a certain amount collected, (if the Punky character receives many hits or a fall from the stage, he will automatically lose a life)

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Punky Skunk has an impressive soundtrack, based on action and horror at the same time, it has a wide and high range of colors that make it an amazing and addictive video game, the FX are special and very real when playing since each sound is according to each character (each character has different sound FX) without a doubt Punky Skunk will always be one of my favorite video games.

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In summary Punky Skunk is a basic but very pleasant video game, since it has a gameplay based on action and extreme sports if it could be said that way, all its 30 levels are excellent and totally addictive, the enemies during the entire battle are surprising since they count With different and very fluid animations, as for the soundtrack they are surprising and immersive at the same time they take you to the scene just by listening to them. I love Punky Skunk is one of my favorites, I hope you like it.

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