Introducing Reviewhunt - a launching hub for makers. Pre Sign-up is Live

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Today, we initiated the pre sign-up for our upcoming product debut - Reviewhunt, an ultimate launching hub for product makers who intend to create viral launching buzz. Powered by HUNT token economy, it enables companies to lead influencers to talk about their products through all accessible channels such as Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

Pre sign-up today -

Pain point by makers - the launching buzz

The biggest challenge that all product makers experience when they launch a new product is creating a buzz. Regardless of their marketing budget, it’s always a painful and difficult process trying to get communities to talk about their new product.

Also, there are too many channels they should take care of - thousands of Subreddits, Youtube reviewers, Twitter, Instagram, as well as many fragmented local blog channels. It’s literally impossible for them to control all these channels at the beginning of their launching process when there are too many prioritised tasks.

With Reviewhunt, this becomes a completely different story because of our hunters.

Hunters, the Blockchain-powered next generation of product influencers

Hunters are early-adopters who have immense passion and knowledge for new products. Via Steemhunt, a product discovery platform equipped with a combination of the STEEM and HUNT token model, hunters have shared and discussed about 60,000 new products with each other, and their contents are attracting over 1 million monthly visitors to

Many companies have been in touch asking how they can contact the hunters and get them to promote their products. This was our motivation to create Reviewhunt.

Reviews. Reinvented.

Reviewhunt redefines how companies boost their launching hype by utilising early-adopters who have extensive coverage in their social activities. Rather than dealing, or struggling with all kinds of social channels to try and spread their product promotion, makers can simply submit review offers for hunters who can create their own customised content that fits in a variety of communities and social media sites.

Reviewhunt will have four appealing features for makers (these features are subject to change).

1. Makers can ask hunters to create custom content that penetrates Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, and hundreds of other sites.

2. Review offers will be delivered via the inbox of each hunter privately. Only the hunters that meet the maker’s requirements will be able to see the review offer.

3. Reviewhunt will run moderators who check the review quality and rate them manually. This system will protect against abusers and low quality review content.

4. Makers can browse top hunters by performance, channel, and various other conditions, and they can make a special request to the hunters.

Over 20K hunters from Steemhunt are ready to jump

Steemhunt has over 20,000 signed-up hunters who dig out and share new products everyday. Most of them have a wide range of tech communities and social channel activities outside of Steem. Many of them are also talented video creators who regularly review products and post them via Dtube or Youtube. So, Reviewhunt already has a strong early influencer foundation from Steemhunt.

(Product Sense run by @teamhumble and @dayleeo discusses about Eco tech products every week)

Pre sign-up is live for both Makers and Hunters

Reviewhunt will be launched in July, 2019. In order to form the early user foundation for both makers and hunters, we have initiated a pre sign-up process.

1. Makers - Pre sign-up and earn x2 Credit Coupon

If a maker signs-up during this pre sign-up period, we will issue a coupon that will double their review credit purchase. This coupon can be used once the platform is live. For example, if the maker purchases 10,000 HUNT when the Reviewhunt platform is live, the balance will be increased to 20,000 HUNT by using the coupon.

2. Hunters - Nominate all of your communities and social channels

If you pre register as a hunter, please add all the channels you have so that makers who visit this page can see how influential our hunters are. On the pre sign-up page, you can keep clicking the Add Channel button and type the profile URL of each of your channels. You can also nominate other sites that are not classified via the selection box.

Screenshot 2019-04-29 06.40.12.png

Real token demands come from companies marketing budget

Reviewhunt is a one of a kind DApp that connects real product demands to token buying demands. Companies purchase review credit to utilise the influential power of strong hunters, and this demand will directly connect to the buying order via our partner exchanges. This will create a highly stable and nurturing token economy among all counterparts.


Pre sign-up today and stay tuned for the upcoming launch of the new era of tech product launching marketing!

Reviewhunt Pre Sign-up -



This is a great way to leverage the active and connected Steem community. Well done @steemhunt!

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this is. amazing....!

what a fantastic idea and great way to add a go between for hunters and makers.

brilliant stuff. can’t wait to see this take off. HUNT tokens have some huge upside!

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newes potential way and new opportunity for all! That's fantastic and grat!

This is going to be huge while meeting Centralised apps at Decentralised App. Awesome @steemhunt

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so so so so excited for this next chapter! :) thanks for including out @productsense podcast! we will be talking a lot more about reviewhunt in this weeks episode! -- people can subscribe at on all their fav platforms! :)

This could potentially be a very strong product for small businesses seeking exposure in their own or nearby neighborhoods.

Good job pre sign up

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Please! How is hunt token useful? Where to use? It's just a token?

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So so proud to be a part of the HUNT-story of this killer project.

Congratulations @tabris and @project7 for all your hard work, I can't wait to see the next chapter unfold! <3

Great ecosystem to bring together brands - product makers and influencers.

Thanks team to new era

@tfame3865 @hornblende @valchiz @destinysaid @menoski @rufans @eurogee

A new technological Era of product hunting is upon us and I urge you guys to be among the earliest users

Thanks for the infor. This is dope!

Amazing !!!
for sharing a good article

exciting news. Ade's Crypto Press will keep close eye on this one. :) Resteemed.

I think review hunt is going to be Great project. I want to be part of this project.

Dear #Steenhunt
In this presentation, the way you are presented is very pleasant. Stem market may have expected something like this. Now it is only a matter of time to see how much they are going to accept. The presentation in fluent language claims praise. Thanks

i m surprise to the news

welcome reviewhunt

Looking fantastic! Any future plans to expand beyond the tech world? (I know, I know... one step at a time!) I’d love to utilize a service like this as a creative “maker.” I could see a lot of application for artists, musicians, authors, small fashion brands, etc. to make use of this sort of incentivized social media campaign building.

It's great team... congratulations for great achievement for community. We love and proud being steemhunt community.

Welcome reviewhunt

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This is awesome, will set it up! 😀

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I am so Grateful in being a Steemhunt Early Delegator. Great Job Steemhunt !

guess I am going to have to raise my delegation now... this looks so promising

@steemhunt Heya, Thanks for updating us... Sure this platform will grow too as it seems to be very interesting and m also getting in =) Thanks... Keep updating =)

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Impressive 👍
Good news always.

Yoww!! Congrats @steemhunt! The long wait is over. :)

This is cool.

Now this appears to be top quality and probably the most innovative and far reaching DApp on any blockchain. Sadly Im not an influencer in any way but best wishes with this.

Now I understand where youre going. Seriously impressed :-)

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Hunt to the moon!

Wow! its really great initiative.

I am fully in agreement with this project! Thanks @steemhunt

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Sounds great but I don't want to enter full name on registration.

I tried to sign up but it didn't seem to go through? It keeps saying 'Channels username "tanbay" has already been subscribed? So did I sign up successfully? Anyways great idea and this definitely got my attention!

Hi, you registered 3 twitters, 3 instagrams, 2 YouTube, 4 others, and 1 your Steemit account. Is that correct?

Hi, yes, that's correct, thanks! I guess I just didn't get any e-mail confirmation yet and thought it didn't go through

N-Person Prisoner’s Dilemma

Oof, Preparing :O

Looks like a interesting platform~

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It would be awesome for me to join this platform.

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Thanks for the information @steemhunt

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Amazing !!!

Great News!
But why can't we login via Steemconnect or Keychain? Any plans on integrating them to Reviewhunt?

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One thing I don't get, do companies send free products for people to review or do people just review whatever they want?


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Great news. @tabris @project7


Step by step, you are delivering on your vision for @SteemHunt.

Makers can browse top hunters by performance, channel, and various other conditions, and they can make a special request to the hunters.

This is a win-win for both makers & quality hunters.

Thank you for the opportunity for an early sign-up.

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in a creative and innovative project. I would like to participate, congratulations for your publication

Thanks for the post.