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RE: Hive Revolution - Mission 1 - Communication

in #revolution3 years ago

Well did you get your badge yet @adalger? If you changed your avatar on steem with the right URL and haven't been posting there for at least 5 days already, you should have gotten a revolution badge. Once you have that one you are able to do mission 1 and send the memo. If you did everything correctly you should get your answer from hive.revolution account and get your badge soon 😉
If you still have questions feel free to come to our support discord chat:
Also if you havent yet, It would be very appreciated if you could vote for our proposal on so we can keep up the good work!
cheers, liz from hivebuzz team


hmm .. I actually tried to do everything as explained, but I still have not received the badge .. there must be something I missed ;(

Hmm weird. If I look up your profile I can see you have the revolution badge. If you still have trouble with the mission please come to our discord channel, where we have our experts and also a few examples on what could have gone wrong :/

cheers, liz