The Three Paths


The Three Paths

There are, in reality, three paths to choose from. You are allowed to have only one path. Whatever path you choose, the remaining two paths will be your opponents. So here are the three paths:

I) The Evolving Right-Hand Path

II) The Devolving Left-Hand Path

III) The Revolutionary Path of Neutrality

The Evolving Right-Hand Path is part of the Wheel of Samara that rotates counter-clockwise upwards. It is the path of aversion. This path avoids all types of magic (both white and black magic).

The Devolving Left-Hand Path is part of the Wheel of Samara that rotates counter-clockwise downwards. It is the path of desire. This path teaches only black magic and feeds the Ego, the Sinning “I”s. Black Lodges are good examples.

The Revolutionary Path of Neutrality is not of the Wheel of Samara. The Path of Neutrality is also the Path of the Tao. This path rejects the forces of both good and evil. It is a revolutionary and a very difficult path that leads back to the Garden of Eden. It is the only path that teaches White Magic. The Path back to the Garden of Eden is the proper use of sex, which are Chastity and immaculate sexual magic.

The Wheel of Samsara is a mechanical wheel that rotates counter-clockwise, it is against the rune Gibor (the clockwise swastika that rotates clockwise) The swastika rotates with the mechanical currents of the Samsara is the inverted Swastika. The inverted Swastika is the same symbol that Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler used before and during World War II.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” [Matthew 7:13-14 NIV]

I) Both the Left-Hand Path and the Right-Hand Path are combined into the wide gate and the broad road, which always leads to destruction. Yet, in secret against both hand paths, the Path of Neutrality is the narrow gate and the straight path that leads to life. Both Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path are bipolar and related to the devil...

II) All three paths oppose each other; they never ally each other. In other words, all three paths never mix with each other. One chooses his path by his own actions.

III) The Evolving Right-Hand Path opposes both the Left-Hand Path and the Path of Neutrality.

IV) The Devolving Left-Hand Path opposes both the Right-Hand Path and the Path of Neutrality.

V) The Revolutionary Path of Neutrality opposes both the Left-Hand Path and the Right-Hand Path.

Of course, religion is not the only limit; it is known to extend to United States politics.

I) The Right-Hand Path is associated with the Republicans or the Right-Wing. The RHP is also associated with Capitalism.

II) The Left-Hand Path is associated with the Democrats or the Left-Wing. The LHP is also associated with Communism.

The Gnostic Movement is always with the Path of Neutrality. In the name of truth, democracy is associated with the path of neutrality...

I) The Gnostic Movement always require immaculate sexual magic.

II) The Evolving Right-Hand Path and The Devolving Left-Hand Path morally oppose immaculate sexual magic; these paths are anti-revolutionary and reactionaries...

A) The Left-Hand Path recommends fornication, which these priests convert themselves to black magicians. It is a path of desire.

B) The Left-Hand Path also commits sorcery and witchcraft.

C) They also morally hate not only chastity but immaculate sexual magic as well.

D) They follow their Guardian of the Threshold, which is Satan (the psychological aggregates, King of the Animal Kingdom)

III) The Right-Hand Path morally hates and rejects immaculate sexual magic. They are known to go either for gray tantra, celibacy, and avoidance.

A) They do not accept any type of magic.

B) They follow religious doctrines and interpret them literally. These religious doctrines are gray and have no meaning in life...

C) They are mostly monotheistic or atheistic.

D) They also hate Gnosticism by rejecting the truth entirely; they are known to go far into rejecting those who do not agree with their indoctrinated systems.

IV) Both the Right-Hand Path and the Left-Hand Path are real enemies of the Gnostic Movement.

A) Both Paths do not recommend scientific chastity; however, the right-hand path either only requires fornication in producing children as a privilege (by means of marriage license) or celibacy by avoiding their spouses.

B) Both Paths also altered the real definition of marriage in their own interpretations.

C) Both Paths also altered the real definition of baptism into nothing more than initiate rites into the covenant of either RHP or LHP.

D) The Gnostic Movement is the Path of Neutrality...

The Path of Neutrality is not Left-Hand nor Right-Hand, yet it is stronger than both paths. The Path of Neutrality is beyond good and evil...

I) The Gnostic Movement does not serve the Left-Hand path nor the Right-Hand path.

II) It always fulfill the Revolutionary Path of Neutrality.

III) The Path of Neutrality is not desire nor aversion.

IV) The Neutral Path is very difficult.

V) The Path of Neutrality balances and stills the Law of the Pendulum...

VI) The Gnostic Movement always encourage white magic and white creeds.

VII) A white magician is a priest who follows the Path of Neutrality.

VIII) A White Magician will not associate with either the Left-Hand or the Right-Hand paths.

IX) The Gnostic Movement has no beginning and has no end.

X) All Left-Hand Paths and Right-Hand Paths have a beginning and an end.

XI) This is why the Gnostic Movement is always stronger than both the Left-Hand Path and the Right-Hand Path.



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