Zucchitilla Tacos El Che - Final

in #revolution4 years ago (edited)

Welcome back my fellow revolutionists! This is the post you've been waiting for. The final part of my soon-to-be-world-famous zucchitilla tacos.


If you'd like to learn about how to make the zucchitillas and both fillings, you can start here:


I'd like to dedicate this recipe to Ernesto "Che" Guevara, a true revolutionary hero and one of my main inspirations for this blog (as seen in the coffee cup logo). My favorite quote of his helped me get started on my own path to help and hopefully inspire others toward a positive change in their lives:

"The true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love."

What better way to show this love than by sharing years of research into deliciously healthy/simple recipes with the Steem Community and my fellow revolutionists? Now that we have everything in place, let's get to the fun part. Building it!


In true Vultron form, everything comes together to make this amazing meal. As a finishing touch—shown in the main picture—I added some of my Red Dread chipotle salsa, which will be added in the next post. You are welcome to top with whatever sounds good so long as it's not too heavy. Some have told me that a light cream or chipotle aioli sauce works really well with the flavors. I prefer the salsa but either is fine.

1 - Heat up your zucchitilla in a pan and then add a thin layer of hummus (original by Sabra works best or if you know of a comparable recipe, please share in the comments below)
2 - Add another thicker layer of the Beans & Crice
3 - Add the final layer of Chicken Veggies & Spice to build a pyramid of sorts
4 - Top with Red Dread. If too spicy, a light cream will ease the heat a bit
5 - Enjoy!

Every revolutionary started with an idea; something they felt was wrong with the world that needed to change. There's this irrepressible need to leave the human race slightly better off than before. Hopefully, to be remembered in some way many years from now, whether as a great leader for a cause or a small blog writer for like-minded individuals. What gives us the strength to persevere? A certain resilience is attained from wanting to improve a seemingly unimprovable situation but true strength comes from being guided to help others with great love, as Che so eloquently stated.

I can only hope that my own day-to-day experience of improving my health and life through these recipes will help you as well. Once you escape the junk food matrix, your eyes will be opened and you will finally see because your mind won't be cluttered and blurred with subsidized garbage. You will be able to question, doubt and disbelieve everything having escaped the food prison we're all subject to since birth. What better way to start than here and now?

Cook with me and let's change the world!

My contribution to the revolutionist movement will be to turn the recipes I post on this blog into The Revolutionist Cookbook and eventually open a restaurant where only cryptocurrency is accepted. Where tipping won’t be necessary as everyone will be paid full salaries and where simple and healthy ingredients will meet delicious cuisine. Like open source code, all of my recipes will be available to the public in full detail and any improvements offered will be embraced and possibly added to the menu in their perfected form. Any donations to the cause are much appreciated either by up-vote or wallet of choice below.