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Sometimes it seems like the seeds have been planted but nothing much is happening.

We are waiting for radishes or carrots or maybe something more exciting like massive cannabis plants to sprout forth.

(This is a photo of a leaf I found in the garden - I have no idea what it is)

And we have been waiting for months and forgotten what we planted. But I have a feeling that Hive is about to sprout so I'm getting my affairs in order. This account is for wild random experimentation, art and colorful.

If things get going it might take off fast, so I'm prepping like a person arriving at a concert early to get a place in the mosh pit.


Let's start stage diving!

(If I copied another artist's picture, would my version be more trippy? I'm not sure, but maybe...)



It's been a long time coming for sure. Time to reap all the glory plants!

This post is about Art and going of , i like it :-)
Picture source:

Is that another penis? - you have issues!


May i hereby declare , next picture i made and used in my last post , are space-ships .
Any other form one might see is formed by there own (sick) mind ;-)


SICK - you are just sick...

Yes i know , as it was forced upon me by governmental educational camps and the MSM .... D. Iky told me so ,;-)

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