Opening 24 Rising Star Packs 😅

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Hey everyone,

I just bought 24 packs for a total of 200k STARBITS. Why you ask? Well, because I wanted to increase my cards collection and because I was hoping to get an Abs card in order to be able to run the "Summer Breeze" mission. To be honest I'm really hyped about this new special mission because I want to win some of the special cards one can get from this mission.

So I bought the packs and here's the result:

























Quite disappointing results... Well, you can't be lucky every time. The 24 packs contained a lot of commons, some rares and one epic card. I haven't checked but I'm absolutely sure I payed way more for the packs than what I would've payed for these cards on the market. But hey, I was aware of that - in the end that's the risk you take when buying packs.

Since I wasn't lucky enough the get an Abs card, I bought one for 18k from the market. Let's hope I'll have some luck with the special mission - would be well deserved after such a pack opening.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day everyone!

Cheers ✌


I've only done the 12 pack opening one time and was also disappointed but I really loved looking at yours and appreciate that you posted it.

I would have been happy with aqua stripes guitar because I do guitar lessons.

I'm focused on fans to continue my millionare missions. I don't really understand the abs card mission so I don't think i'll buy but I'm really loving the game.

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The thing is buying packs is fun cause it's super exciting but unless you're really lucky you'll pay more than what the cards costs on the market...

The Abs mission is quite simple: You need an Abs card to run the corresponding special mission. Every time you complete this mission you can get a special instrument with a 10% (not sure) chance.

Focusing on fans is a good plan. !LUV

I'm about to do the same but with only 12 packs so it was interesting to see what you got!
And of course, also hoping to get that abs card. Best of luck to you on Summer Breeze missions!

Thanks, good luck to you too 🤞 !PIZZA

Thanks for keeping us updated. Is it worth to buy packs generally?

Not really, unless you get a really good card - which is quite unlikely - you would be better off buying cards from the market instead. But hey, no risk no fun 😆

cool. what cards do you recommend to buy first?

A pizza container (or whatever it's called) which will help you get more energy per day and play more missions. And besides that cards with a lot of fans to progress faster. Later on high skill cards get important as well

awesome, cheers!


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The Summer Breeze mission is pretty cool. I have run it probably a dozen times and was able to get the two cards as a bonus.
I bought the ABS card on the market as well.
I cannot really justify it, but I wanted it, lol

Nice. I hope I can get a few special cards as well !LOL

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