Opening of 12 RisingStar cards packs

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Hello everyone

Below is my opening of 12 packs of RisingStar cards, maybe a legendary one ?, but in any case, on each card pack we open, we get at least one rare card :

Photo 1.gif

Photo 2.gif

Cool the "R65 Blue Guitar" card, it is super well styled, very nice color

Photo 3.gif

Photo 4.gif

Photo 5.gif

Photo 6.gif

Photo 7.gif

Photo 8.gif

Photo 9.gif

Not one, but two "R61 Vimbo" cards

Photo 10.gif

The "R64 Guitar Synth" card which will also complete my collection

Photo 11.gif

Okay, an Epic "E23 Sky" card, I like it this card.

Photo 12.gif

In conclusion, this is a good draw with quite a few new cards to my collection.

I have dropped down in the overall ranking 😕, and I am now in 40th place.

If you also want to discover this game:
Here is a sponsorship link:
The same link without sponsorship :


Congratulations for that epic card! :D
Keep rocking!

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Thank you !

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