New Record in Rising Star - And how to get it! 😃

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LoFi Collection Volume #1.jpg

Hello everybody! 😊

How are you doing?

I had a very stressful week because my dog is sick, and sleeping at night was barely possible...

😟 I hope she feels better soon and we can find out what causes the problems! 💜

This winter sucks for me and my dog, but we will get over it and it will get better soon... ❤️

I try to think positive. As long as I find out what´s wrong with her and I can help her, everything is fine.

I just wanted to tell you guys, that I have a new record in Rising Star!

It will go for sale on my birthday (which is on monday 😋), but you can already start staking to it, so you don´t miss any earnings!

This is the LoFi Collection Volume #1. The record includes 3 LoFi songs, which I produced with my alias BeaTraxx.

LoFi Collection Volume #1.jpg

This record will be given away in some special ways.

First I will give away some on my little birthday party on monday!

Don´t miss the party, taking place in the PIZZA Discord!
Monday 13th of March
9pm CET
In the Voice Channel "The Venue"

Don´t miss the party with some music, fun and lot´s of gievaways! There will also be a much bigger party in April, where I will release a new $RAVEN holders drop and song! 🎉

Everyone, who has all 3 of my so far released BeaTraxx records in Rising Star, will get this one for free!! 🎵

BeaTraxx - Gaming Collection Volume #1.pngBeaTraxx - Synthwave Collection Volume #1.pngBeaTraxx - Halloween Collection Volume #1.png

If you have all 3 of those, just send me a comment here or ping me in my Discord with your Hivename. I will check it and send this one for free to you then. 😊

So guys, I hope you will attend my birthday party on monday, and grab a copy of this record. And apart from this, there will be more giveaways. Rising Star cards, some of my own NFTs and more! 😊
I wish you a great day, and see you soon! :)

Best regards,


Btw: Tonight I will be interviewed by @onthemountain ! This will be streamed live in YouTube!! Tune in! 😃

7pm CET

YouTube Channel of Rickonthemountain

Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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Good morning, if you have a spare second, come help us try !MCLANE in the slothbuzz discord :)


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Selbstverständlich hab ich die anderen drei Records schon lange - Master of the Unique Cards 😅

Viele Grüße und gute Besserung euch Beiden! 💜

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Ja das habe ich mir gedacht!! :D Du bekommst dann natürlich deinen Record geschickt. :) Danke fürs sammeln!
Und vielen Dank für die Besserungswünsche! !PIZZA

Yay another event coming up. Hope I can manage to stay awake to attend.

I hope so too! Would love to see you! =) !PIZZA

Let's see if i can get this in the event 😉


Yeah, I wish you luck! :) !PIZZA

!PIZZA for the birthday girl! 🎉🤩

Thank you! =) !PIZZA


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