I could really go for some discarded pizza right about now

in #risingstar2 years ago

I'm all out of whiskey and I don't have any pizza yet. I've been playing some really good shows lately, even some Saturday night support gigs that paid pretty well. However, it costs money just to be alive. I'm planning on recording a demo at some point, so I got a cheap cello. I'm hoping to add some "pieces of flair" to the recordings so it's not just me whining over my cheap acoustic guitar.

This sounds bad, but I'd rather not spend money on food right now if I can just find it for free. I've got dreams and I have to make sacrifices if I want to see those dreams fulfilled. That's just the way it is. Free pizza is even tastier than pizza you have to pay for if you don't have any money for pizza.

So, while I've been playing some bigger gigs like Saturday support for bands like Geoff and the Croutons, I've still been doing open mics and smaller shows as soon I have the energy to do it. I'm just hustling as much as I can in my hometown. I have a cheap car now, though, and I do plan to get out of town just as soon as possible.

Anyway, I've gotta jet... I'm playing a midweek support slot. Tim, the bassist from Geoff and the Croutons, is playing a solo set and I'm opening for him. It's at Taqueria Del Jefe downtown.


i went 5 days with no pizza last week! not one slice even! The game is testing us!

Part of my strategy was just to play open mics as soon as I had 20% energy because a> I wanted to hit some of the battle achievements that give out card rewards and b> I'd often find some coffee or pizza or something that would help get the energy back up, and then I'd do the bigger missions. I might have to re-think that. Maybe the pizzas and stuff aren't as common the further along you get into the game.

I donno hey! I think the game just throttles you now and then! Urges you to buy slices as they are available at a premium rate! Or it's just completely random. I'm back to finding a few slices a day again, but I definitely found more when I just started!

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