I've invested 50 more Hive into my musical career

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I decided to try my luck again and get 12 of what they call "packs" in the biz.

There has to be something good in all of that, right? Let's find out! Originally, I was going through them one by one and never finished it. It was so boring that I didn't even want to finish writing it, so why would anyone ever want to read it?

Instead, I will show the packs that I consider to be highlights that will help me further my musical career. I came out of this with thousands of fans a lot more skill, so I am pleased with the results.

Let's start the show!

Screen Shot 20210208 at 9.13.08 AM.png


This pack had two rare cards in it and I think both of them are pretty good. I have 210 more fans and 205 more skill because of this pack.

Romeo A Go-Go

Screen Shot 20210208 at 9.13.21 AM.png

ROMEO! That's cool. If you're down with Romeo, you have a pretty excellent shot at getting a really cool guitar just for playing a show. Now I have a backup banjo and a backup keyboard, apparently.

All aboard!

Screen Shot 20210208 at 9.13.35 AM.png

Going off the rails on the crazy... bus?

This will just have to be parked for a while, and don't ask me how I got my hands on this thing, but I've got a touring bus now. While that's a little premature, just having it creates enough buzz that some people are interested in what I'm doing. All press is good press, right? Or whatever.

Some worthless goth has been hanging around my bus, though. I better try to ditch them before they start squatting in it.

Hello, Lolita

Screen Shot 20210208 at 9.14.10 AM.png

Lady in red

I met a woman named Lolita who is kind of introducing me to a few new fans and just listening to her seems to have made me a better musician somehow. I'm not sure how, but I can feel it.


Screen Shot 20210208 at 9.13.56 AM.png

I got two buses

Now you really don't want to ask me how I came across not only one bus but two buses. I'm going to hang onto both of them hoping someday soon I can go on a tour that would involve a bus for me and a bus for the crew. Who knows! Stranger things have certainly happened. If I end up not needing a bus later on down the line, I can try to trade one or both in for something else.

A buddy named Antonio and a more realistic bus

Screen Shot 20210208 at 9.14.44 AM.png

Buses for days

Well, now I have three buses, but one of them is more like a van. This is probably the one I'll take out first, for obvious reasons. Luckily, I have a place to park all of these vehicles. I also made friends with this dude Antonio who opened me up to a new world of both fans and gave me some different musical ideas to work with.

Some people are so nice, you meet them twice.

Screen Shot 20210208 at 9.14.53 AM.png

Screen Shot 20210208 at 9.15.07 AM.png

Tony and Bolly

That's right... nothing really new here, but Antonio and Bolly Wood are two acquaintances that aren't bad to double up on, if that makes sense.


So that's it. There were a few more packs, but some of them weren't all that noteworthy. I think I got a pretty good value for my 50 Hive. Now I have plenty of fans to play some of the later stages, when I get to the next level. For now, I'm working on getting to level 30 so I can play in a shopping mall. Who even goes to malls anymore? Hopefully, people who like sad sack singer-songwriter songs like I write.


Congratulations on the great cards. Maybe you'll let my ride on one of your tour buses some time. [Not to be a name dropper, but I got to spend some time on Ernest Tubb's tour bus once. The overhead storage was lined with hand tooled leather. Cool stuff.]

THE Ernest Tubb? The one who died in 1984? That's pretty impressive to me. A real legend.

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