I've made two guitars and a drum set

in #risingstar2 years ago


Silver cymbals?


Yeah, I got some silver cymbals. That's pretty rare, but they sound rad, so who cares? This set looks a lot different than the three sets I have in my basement, but I wanted something different. This is going to be used for the drummer in my band. You know, when I have one.

It's not a Firebird. Don't sue me, Gibson


I made a Firebird-ish (but not Firebird) guitar. A lot of silver on this one, too. I guess I prefer the silver look to bronze or gold. The headstock on this thing looks pretty badass. I can't wait to use this one on some new demos.

It's also not a Les Paul


I do have an actual Les Paul (A wine red LP Standard from 1990) and I like it. This one I built is a Les Paul style guitar. Silver humbuckers, silver strings, silver tuning pegs. Nothing against it, but this is more of a backup guitar. You've gotta have one of those. I keep this one in open G tuning for when I want to use that.

Scooter MacDougall, Show Promoter

I've been dabbling in promoting some shows and earning some StarPro on the side. It's fun to do as a sort of side hustle to the music thing... which is sort of like a glorified side hustle itself.




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