My Christmas Progress in Rising Star🎄#246

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Welcome one more day to my personal rising star blog. Today I want to tell you about the Christmas event and my progress in the event.

On the one hand we have the Cool Yule mission.

Cool Yule.PNG

To complete this mission we need The Big Guy card, which can be purchased in packs or in the market. This mission lasts half an hour and gives you the chance to get a Christmas instrument. There are two Christmas instruments and there is a 1/10 chance of getting one of the two for each completed mission.



As you can see I already got both instruments. It took me a total of 14 missions.


To get the animated version of each of these instruments we need 10 instruments and a Fix It card. I am not sure if I will be able to get both animated cards as each Fix It card costs 0.15 STARPRO.


On the other hand, we have the Crafting part in which we can get sleigh cards by building them with parts that we get by doing the Christmas Fair missions.


Each mission lasts 5 minutes and you need 0.0006 STARPRO for each mission. For each completed mission we will get a part for crafting. These are all the parts I've got so far.


These are all the cards I can build with the crafting parts I have.


I will be updating what cards I am building in the next posts. I hope you liked this post. See you in the next one!❤️