5 Days But One Of My Worst Packs Yet

in #risingstarlast year

It only took me 5 days this time to get this pack however it was (at least in my opinion) one of the worst packs I've gotten yet.

One rare which is normal but it was 50 luck which I don't care for. All that gives me is more drunks to deal with lol. More fans and very little skill. Going to mark this one down as a big fail.

This now brings my stats to the following...
41 total cards +3
Fans 1,487 - 147 temp drunks
Luck 235
Skill 2,479 of which 954 is from lessons
Income modifier 31

While this does set me back a bit as I'll now need to spend some time doing lessons again it is none the less some progress. Let's hope for a better pack on the next round and let's shoot for 5 days or better again if possible.


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