Purchasing New NFT Pack and State of RSG Gaming

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Good morning 😊
Have a nice day all RisingStar Lovers🎶

My Game Level is 91 and completed Missions are 2714 in RisingStar.

Today, I purchased a NFT Pack again.
These cards are
One Rare Card R252 Dane featured Fans 125, Skill 100, Luck 3 and IM 4 for the minimum price STARBITS 9000,
One Common Card 113 Louie featured Fans 10 for the minimum price STARBITS 995 and
One Common Card 110 Kristof featured Skill 10 for the minimum price STARBITS 450 .

The total minimum value of above three cards are 10445 Starbits.
So, it wasn't bad buying NFT Pack.

Now, I have 284 NFT cards of Risingstar.
In this cards, there have 16340 Fans, 3041 Luck, 29593 Skill and 348 IM.

I have done 2714 Missions in RisingStar Game.
These are
Illegal Busking 105,
Open Mic Night 212,
Mid Week Support 281,
Licensed Busking 20,
Midweek Heading Slot 43,
Saturday Support 56,
Saturday Headline 78,
Radio Interview 174,
Radio Studio Session 127,
Shopping Mall Performance 206,
Record A Demo 143,
Local Festival Acoustic Tent 114,
Local MiniTour Support 232,
Band Auditions 13,
Band Rehearsal 93,
Full Band Support 85,
Promote Fan Club 115,
Record Signing 2,
Starbits Millionaire 152,
Orchestral Lesson 99,
Basic Singing Lesson 21,
Guitar Lesson 115,
Production Lesson 194,
Piano Lesson 31 and
Drum Lesson 3.

The Ego is 0%.

What are you doing my friends?

You can use my Referral Link to start RisingStar Game.

Thank you, RisingStar Game Developers and Supporters 💗



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He had no chance against all 5 of us.

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