Send an innocent boy to prison to illustrate that the law is dead.

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I’m presuming the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial is back in the courthouse either deliberating or ready to give their verdict. That’s a presumption because the jury members, all people who live with their families in Kenosha, were not sequestered; they went home last night after the final arguments and, unprotected, spent the night in their homes and spent the early morning walking or driving back to the court house and I hope they did so safely.

But they must have felt threatened, and indeed they were threatened. Not only are there 500 National Guard troops surrounding the courthouse in anticipation of the violent riots that BLM/Antifa activists have openly promised would follow the acquittal of Rittenhouse, and not only were there MSNBC, CNN and other comments (the jury members all have TVs I presume) to the effect that they the jury had better convict Kyle or else be spotlighted as bad people who ought to be burned out of their homes or worse, not only were these threats obviously in the mind of these jury members, but they were threatened and the judge was threatened by the prosecution implicitly and even explicitly. The threat was implicit throughout the trial and during the prosecutor, Mr Binger’s, final argument the threat was made quite explicit.

Mr Binger was handed at his direction an AR-15 semi-auto rifle and pointed it at the audience in the courtroom with his finger on the trigger. There was no magazine in the rifle but that means nothing from a gun safety consideration because, as anybody with the slightest knowledge of these popular firearms knows, there could still be a live round in the chamber. Alec Baldwin recently found out that horrible fact when he discharged a gun he was told was not loaded and accidentally killed a woman. Mr Binger pointed the gun at the audience but he might as well have pointed it at the judge and the jury. It was the crowning act of the vicious threatening theatrics he was the star of all through the trial.

“Don’t get brazen with me!” shouted Judge Schroeder at one point as Binger’s outrageous antics escalated. “I don’t know where you are going with this,” said Schroeder in exasperation at Binger’s strange behaviour. I wondered if Binger was trying to get a mistrial; the defence council made a motion for a mistrial with prejudice and Judge Schroeder said he’d take that under advisement. But Schroeder didn’t declare a mistrial and he didn’t sequester the jury. So now we await, and he awaits, the finding of acquittal which the prosecutor’s own witnesses have made a slam dunk. Kyle Rittenhouse so obviously acted in self defence that charging him and trying him should never have taken place. No reasonable district attorney would have brought the case before the court, so flimsy as it was.

Why was he charged? Why was the prosecution so bizarre? Where was Mr Binger “going with this”? I think I finally know. Pointing that gun in a court of law makes it plain. The jury and the judge are being told, and where we the world-wide spectators, everybody with even an old computer like mine: Do what the mob demands, send this boy to prison for life BECAUSE he is innocent; sit there in your homes and apartments in Kenosha, in every American city and every Canadian city too and do and say nothing and watch American jurisprudence broken by mob rule. Watch, say the George Soros funded and directed street terrorists. Watch, say all the CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, CBS, NBC mouthpieces for the Biden administration. Watch and learn.

We rule. And we rule by violence and intimidation. The police will not help you because we own the police and we will stand them down if our friends in the street need it done. The state governor will not help you because we own those flunkies. The army will not help you. Nobody will help you. If the mob wants to burn out your business and your home, if they want to lay a beating on you, or your children, you are defenceless. If you try to resist, try to defend yourself, take up arms because the police won’t do their job, you will go to prison or die. Innocence will not help you.

The prosecutors told us all and most specifically told the jury and judge literally, “Everybody takes a beating sometimes, right?” One of the prosecutors said that out loud in court.

That much was made known to the jury. But they were not informed of the violent histories and criminal rap sheets of the men Kyle was forced to shoot in order to defend his life. For the rest of us who wished to pay any attention, we could know that the three men that 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse faced and shot that day were not just ordinary people charging and threatening him, they were violent career criminals.

Joseph Rosenbaum who chased Kyle threatening to kill him just before Kyle shot him once fatally, had spent ten years in prison for forcibly sodomizing 5 boys aged 9 to 11 in 2002; he was charged with domestic abuse at the time of his death and had just been released from a mental hospital.

Anthony Huber was charging Kyle, had hit him with a skate board and was trying to grab Kyle’s rifle when Kyle finally shot him fatally – witnesses testified to that and the video evidence showed it plainly. Huber also had a rap sheet as a convicted domestic abuser who had threatened to gut his brother with a knife pressed to his stomach and had threatened to burn the house down with his family inside. He was also a violent thug with “psychiatric issues".

Gaige Grosskreutz was pointing a gun at Kyle when Kyle shot him in the shoulder. He testified to that on the stand as a prosecution witness, at which point one of the prosecutors (the one who later told the jury that “everybody takes a beating”) put his palm to his face and hung his head, knowing his case had just blown up. The jury saw that. But they were not informed that Grosskreutz also had a long rap sheet for assault, was carrying an illegal firearm and was under a DUI charge when he was shot.

These three men were violent criminals who had participated in burning down half of Kenosha that night in August 2020, three days after Biden and Kamala Harris were nominated by the Democrats to defeat Donald Trump. Kenosha is a small town of 100,000 people which cannot afford to repair $50 million in damages that the mob caused that night. It was a war zone and there wasn’t a cop in sight, not one was ever recorded on any of the video footage that was played all over media nation-wide and world-wide. The then governor of Wisconsin, Democrat Tony Evers, refused the offer of federal troops as the mob ran unchecked looting, burning and beating for three days. He stood the police down and failed to mobilize the national guard.

The mob of Antifa criminals who burned out the entire business district of this small town were ostensibly protesting the shooting of another criminal, Jacob Blake, who had been shot by police while grabbing a knife to kill the cops who had come in response to his ex-wife’s call for help. This man Blake was lauded as a hero by Kamala Harris who visited his family and practically awarded him a medal for gallantry. Maxine Waters also visited Blake and praised him. Other Democrat leaders also encouraged Antifa and BLM to riot and burn.

Now these same people, having been installed in power by a fraudulent election, have even stepped up the brazenness of their campaign to destroy America. BLM/Antifa have active cells of terrorists in every US city and they are also connected to Europe, especially Germany, where they are even more violent than they are in the USA and have been for years. So the USA is now under siege and threat in every town by violent insurrectionists encouraged and supported by the President and Vice President and the whole Washington establishment. The target today is American law and order because the law and its Constitutional foundation are the very life of the United States just as surely as it has been since 1789. Without the law there is no America.

I hope the jury in Kenosha can summon the courage to do what’s right and find Kyle not guilty. But what a terrible burden they bear, all alone and vulnerable with their families. They are facing a violent revolution poised to destroy the United States at its very foundation. They have been deliberately shown that Kyle is innocent but that they had better send an innocent boy to prison to illustrate that the law is dead; they have been threatened at gun point with the destruction of their town, their peace and their country. This revolution has been building for years but today is the culmination. If the USA does not split apart it will have been saved by a miracle.


We're all being played by the corporation called the United States.

There is no law.

There is no justice.

There is only PAIN.

For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and thou hast given them blood to drink; for they are worthy.

~ Revelation 16:6