Africa is at risk to increase the use of robots

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The use of robots in the workplace has been threatened for human employment. Such fears have been heard many times. There have been many opinions against this.

The report of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) It is said in less than two decades that the use of robots in US factories will be cheaper than African workers.

Many times it has been said that the use of automated systems will reduce jobs, because the producers are keen towards the vigorous economy. Although some analysts say poor countries will be less affected by this. But this time the other one says the ODI.

Robi and Automashan will be affected by the poor countries like Africa, the report said. But before the shock of this change, there are African countries in preparation for themselves - News BBC

"The African countries should not move away from production, instead of increasing the usage of the Internet, investing in technical expertise and proposing technological innovation, they should be prepared," said Karishma Banga, senior research officer, ODI.

"Automation can be rewarded for African countries when it is well prepared," added Banga.

According to Digital India's Office of Digitalization and Future of Manufacturing Factoring in Africa, by 2034, in the United States, furniture production, roboting costs and 3D printers would be cheaper than Kenya's wages.

The report also says robotics automation will be cheaper in Ethiopia than the country's workers between 2038 and 2042.