Alexander and Allisia....Forbidden Romance

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The nighttime air in the Kingdom of Nelia hung heavy with humidity. Lightning bugs danced across the twilight in abundance. The leaves on the neighboring trees rustled in the wind, cicadas crying out into the darkness. The sound of summer was punctuated only by the sounds of footsteps swishing through the grass.

“Alissia, slow down,” a young man spoke, brushing his overgrown hair out of his eyes. He raised the lantern he carried higher, in an attempt to illuminate his path over the roots and branches that crowded the forest floor.

“It's not my fault you can't keep up, Alexander,” the lilting, singsong voice called back.

Alexander merely sighed in response, eyes now trained on the fiery curls of his princess rather than the brush below.

“Would you please keep it down, my lady. You do understand the repercussions I could face should I be seen out here alone with you, yes?” Alexander grunted as he stumbled over a root.

“Are you really so concerned to be seen with your childhood friend?”

“You know as well as I do, that isn't the case, princess,” Alissia laughed at this, shaking her head.
“Quit your worrying and come on, the clearing is just up ahead,” she continued on, Alexander in tow.

As they broke through the trees, Alissia broke out in a grin. Lying before them was a clearing, wildflowers peppered across the grasses. The moon shone bright overhead, stars twinkling.

As Alexander reached her side, she lay down on the dewy grass, heaving a sigh as she gazed up at the vastness of the sky. Carefully, Alexander set the lantern down and lie beside her.

“Are you going to tell me why you've dragged me out of bed in the middle of the night yet, my lady?” Alexander spoke, stifling a yawn. Alissia turned her head to face him.

“Because I've no one else to come out and view the sky with, of course,” she smiled, facing back to the heavens.

“Almost as if normal people sleep during these hours,” Alexander responded with a smirk.
“Have you not a romantic bone in your body, Alexander?” She said.

He chuckled in response, leaning up on his elbows. “Perhaps not, Princess, but I've spent enough time in your company to realize you wish to do more than stargaze,”

Alissia sighed heavily, rolling her body to face his. “I'm anxious, Alexander. My father wishes for me to meet with some diplomat tomorrow on the grounds of expansion of our trades, but I just can't bring myself to care,”

“You never were one to dabble in politics,”

With a huff, she continued. “I swear, Father is getting back at me for refusing to marry a prince,”

Alexander shifted slightly, toying with the grass below.
“Why haven't you, Alissia? Surely, a suitor or two has shown interest in a fine maiden as yourself,”

“Oh come off it, Alexander,” her face flushed, and she absently began to twirl a strand of her hair around her fingers. “It's not as easy as you make it out to be. You should know that by now, have you no one that you're interested in?”

Alexander's mouth set into a hard line. Despite her esteem, the princess could be quite dense when it came to understanding the feelings of others. Alexander and Alissia grew up alongside one another. Alexander's mother was born into a family of servants that both worked and lived within the palace walls, and as such Alexander was destined to follow suit. Being raised in a castle had its perks, one being the ability to sneak off and play games with the restless princess. Years passed, and the pair watched one another blossom into adults.

He had no problem admitting to himself he had fallen in love with her. She was beautiful, undoubtedly, late night rendezvous under the stars were not uncommon, and he saw a side of the princess not many others did. She was passionate and fiery, unafraid to stand up for herself, but still understood when it was best to follow along. Of course, Alexander would never admit this to Alissia. In his eyes, it was better to continue at her side as her closest friend, even if she would never learn the truth. It was a pipe dream, wishful thinking and nothing more. He never truly believed that King Gilbert, Alissia's overbearing and stern father, would ever allow his only daughter to marry into anything less than nobility.

And yet, Alexander could never help himself from imagining a future by her side.

“Alexander? You've gone quiet,” the boy jumped slightly at the calling of his name.
“Sorry,” he sat upright now, “I think it's best we head back. The sun should be rising soon,”
“Ah, yes. I suppose you're right,” Alissia's voice carried a touch of sadness. She stood, brushing herself off. Alexander stood in turn, lifting the lantern from its resting place on the ground. Alissia reached out to his free hand.

“You'll help me navigate home, yes?”
“You sure had no problem getting out here on your own,” Alexander smirked, reveling in the flustered expression that crossed Alissia's face. Tenderly, he took hold of her hand. “Kidding, my lady,”

The sun was only just starting to make its ascent into the sky, and the sound of birdsong was beginning to fill the air. The pair walked in silence, save for the dragging of footsteps through the brush. Once they had reached the castle walls, Alissia squeezed Alexander's hand.
“I'll come to find you. Later this evening,”

“I'll be waiting, princess,” he spoke gently, releasing her from his grip, and turning to leave, toward his quarters.
Watching him leave, Alissia felt her heartthrob. Nearly twenty years of friendship had brought the pair closer than she could say of any person she had ever met. Unfortunately for her, she could feel the strong partnership changing into something deeper. She began noticing changes in him as they matured.

He had grown into a kind man, one who preferred to stand beside her, even beyond the scope of his duties. Of course, he was a commoner, and she a princess, and the relationship was one that was never meant to flourish. Though she knew this to be true, she could never bring herself to develop feelings for another, nor could she bring herself to confess how she felt.

Alissia was destined to watch him from afar, as she did now, watching Alexander walk away.
Alissia traveled back to her quarters alone, as she always did. Her days were filled with formalities, morning lessons followed by the castle's maids moved in to dress her for dinner. From through the windows, from the courtyard, she could already hear the sounds of horse-drawn carriages moving closer.

“Now announcing, his Lord and Monarch of the Kingdom of Breacuria, Duke Godfrey Lorimer,” the man that entered the dining hall following the fanfare was a plump, balding man, dressed in an elaborate silken robe and decorated in jewelry. His face was bright red and jovial as he approached Alissia's father. “It's been ages, Gilbert,” Godfrey took the man's hand, pumping it ardently.

“Yes, much too long, Godfrey. You look quite well, I'm glad your travels went smoothly,” Gilbert stared unabashedly at the amount of gold and jewels that covered the Brecurian leader's hands. “I don't believe you've yet had the chance to meet my daughter, Alissia. She will be joining us for our meal tonight, I do hope that will be satisfactory,”

“Ah, yes, I've heard much about the princess. I would be lying if I said I was not eager to meet the lady myself,” Gilbert nodded in response.

“Yes, well, if tonight's events continue as planned, I am hopeful that this will only be the beginning of a prosperous relationship,” He turned to the man who had announced the neighboring king, still standing at attention.
“Fetch my daughter from her quarters at once,” the man bowed once before hurrying off in search of the princess. As he did so, the men settled into the table.

“I assume the arrangements have been made, Lorimer?”
“But of course, Gilbert. I merely need you to say the magic words,”

“Pardon the interruption,” Alissia's voice echoed through the vast hall as she approached. The men quickly turned toward the source of the voice.

“Ah, Alissia. It's about time,” her father stood, meeting her halfway as she walked toward the table. “I would like to introduce you to the Duke of Breacuria, Godfrey Lorimer,”

“It's a pleasure, Lord Lorimer,” she spoke softly, sweetly, as she was trained to do. Gathering her many skirts in her hands, she curtsied low.

“The pleasure is all mine, my lady. Please, join us here,” Godfrey replied, gesturing broadly to the seat before him. Alissia smiled, seating herself at the table. As she sat, servers immediately descended upon the hall, delivering a heaping plate of steaming meat and vegetables to each seat. Careful to mind her manners, Alissia began to pick at her meal, watching the men at the table devouring their meal ravenously.

Eager to break the silence of the room, Alissia raised her voice to speak.
“Lord Lorimer, I do hope that my father kept you entertained in my absence. I appreciate your patience,” The Lord began to laugh.

lace gloves.jpg

“Yes, in fact, your father and I were having quite the intriguing conversation,”
“Oh, is that so? May I ask what you might have been talking about?” Gilbert cleared his throat loudly, staring directly at his daughter.

“We were discussing your lack of a suitor, the lack of an heir for this kingdom,” Alissia winced, turning her gaze back down toward her plate.

“I said to your father, "young princess, "I would love to do nothing more than to be the gentleman who might take the lovely princess in marriage,” he reached across the table, clasping Alissia's small hand in his large, clammy grasp. A lecherous grin warped itself onto his face as he gazed at the King. Alissia tried to smile, but she was positive it had turned into a grimace. Her voice trembled as she began to respond.

“Why, your highness, while I am flattered-”
“Alissia would be honored,” her father's booming voice resounded through the dining hall. Alissia's head snapped in his direction, her eyes widening. Godfrey clapped his hands together, a booming laugh echoing throughout the hall. He pushed back from the table, the legs of his chair scraping against the floor.

“I'm thrilled that you've agreed, my dear!” Godfrey laughed once more, completely oblivious to the shock washing over the girl's face. He leaned in, lifting her hand from the table and planting a kiss on her skin. Alissia felt her stomach sink.
“Father, I-” the ice in her father's eyes shocked her into silence. Instead, she turned back to Godfrey, who was rambling about the many amenities his home held, and how happy she would be as his bride.

“If you would excuse me,” Godfrey cleared his throat, rather less than eloquently “I do believe it is in my best interest to retire for the evening. I hope you will begin preparing yourself for the travel, my dear,”

The room was silent, save for the fading tap of his footsteps as he exited the hall. Alissia stood in turn, pushing her chair to the ground.
“I refuse! I won't marry that man!”

“An arranged marriage is not uncommon, and I've given you more chances than I can count on both hands,”
“You planned this, didn't you?” her voice was shaky with realization.

“Alissia, you're a woman now, and you know more than well enough that-”

“I don't care about that, father! I refuse to marry a man that I don't know,” At this, her father banged his fist solidly on the wood table. Alissia stepped back, shocked.

“Before your father, I am the king of this nation, and I am doing what is right for my people. I've given you ample opportunity to find a suitor, and time and again you wind up in the arms of that peasant boy,” She gasped at the accusation, blood rushing into her face.
“Enough, Alissia. I'm not a fool, nor am I blind. I've allowed you to pursue this fantasy far too long,” Alissia's teeth were clenched, tears now freely flowing down her reddened cheeks.

“Mother would never allow you to do this,”
“Well, your mother isn't here!” Gilbert shouted across the hall, standing upright, “I suggest you bury your feelings, as your mother did, and do what is right for our country,”

With that as his parting, he left the room, leaving Alissia alone in the vast hall. With a shriek, she lifted the nearest plate and hurled it at the wall, shards of porcelain and bits of food scattering along the floor. She crumpled back into her seat, holding her face in her hands. A part of her had known this day might come. It was not uncommon for royalty to marry into other royalty, and her father had been continually displeased with her lack of will in finding a suitor despite her age.

The suddenness of the situation was a shock to her. What few freedoms she carried snatched from her grasp without an inkling of prior knowledge, or even the courtesy to ask of her opinion. She felt hollow, a husk of her former self, yet her legs felt heavy as lead as she wandered the sprawling corridors of the kingdom. She moved nearly silently through the corridors, expression blank. While her mind felt completely empty, somehow her legs knew just where to take her.

As though snapping back to reality, her ears focused on humming that could be heard through the heavy wooden door before her.
Somehow, she had circled back through the dining hall and into the kitchen, back to Alexander. Her heart throbbed in her chest.

“I'm leaving,” she spoke softly, the words barely more than a whisper. Alissia's eyes were cast down, as though just looking upon Alexander would cause her to shatter.

“Another diplomatic vacation, eh? Where to this time?” Alexander merely chuckled, hands still diligently scrubbing away. Alissia paused, a beat too long.

“Indefinitely, Alexander,”

“Don't you wish, my lady,” he snorted.

“I'm to be married, Alexander,” At this, the soft shushing of the washing stopped. He turned to her, brows furrowed.

“I don't understand, my lady, are you not, um, missing a few steps? I was under the impression you needed to court a woman before marrying one” he stood as he spoke, grasping a nearby towel and drying the bubbly residue from his hands. Alissia refused to meet his eyes.

“Must you always do this?”

“Do what, my lady?”

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Story by naltedtirt



WOW, wonderful story, @naltedtirt
Found this from #pypt @pypt

My good friend @dreemsteem was nice enough to mention my post and I thiink that was sweet.

Thank so much for stopping by and having a read.

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Amazing story and I cheer for Alexander and Allisia ❤️
Arranged marriage is not fair and I would do the same thing if my father said I needed to marry a stranger.... Nope... Run and find her own hearts prince and a happy princess who makes a happy prince also makes a happy kingdom 😊 so ya...

Do what my lady?
When will we get the next part my friend? 🤗

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I will probably wait til Monday or Tueday on the next part.

Ok.. Unless I write a part and sneak in there... 🤔 Hmm.. How did that get there? 😂😂 Hahaha.. Jk

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Feel free to

Fantastic story and I can't wait for the next part. Would you mind tagging me when you post it please? Poor Alissia and Alexander 💔

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I am happy to tag you.


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Beautiful and even sweeter coming from you @carrieallen

Awe <3
I've put this aside to REALLY read it tonight (cause I want it to have my full attention).

Though, I KNOW you are an excellent writer... So cake you must have!

You're the best!

Best cake ever!! could publish a novel. That helpie logo is so cute. Little fish?

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Thanks Vangie!! I enjoy your comments.

That is half of the storie.

wow naltedtirt, you can write so good, such talent

Thank you very much @vibesforlife
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Wowzers! Thank you so much!!

Wonderful!!!!!!! My eyes were scanning through so quickly hehehe... Dying to see what happens next!

Poor Alexander! Will he step up and claim her heart?!?! Or will he be shamed into believing that he is destined for his station only!

I say true love wins!!! Hehehe

I like this Alissia!!! She's a brazen one hehehe

But how far can she run before her father comes after her??? And would she be willing to give up everything for love???

Hmmmm more please!!!!!! I love young love hehehehe

2nd half will come out in the morning. Guessing around 9 am est. Is written and ready. All of the women I write are brazen and sassy. Lol.

The way it should be lolol

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Thamks :-)

I love your story, so touching and delicate.
it makes me to have the desire to get married.
“Must you always do this?”
“Do what, my lady?”
"Love me , forever."

Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment.

Oh cool, quite the story. @dreemsteem featured this on #pypt

Well thank you!! That @dreemsteem is precious telling everyone about my story.

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I shared this on #PYPT for you today! hopefully we get some more eyes on it!!! This is such a lovely story!!! :) really enjoying it and cant wait for more today!!! :)

Thank you so much fir sharing my story. I wish I could be there @PYPT but have to work today.

Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

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Off to a good start! I love cicadas crying out into the darkness and The sound of summer was punctuated only by the sounds of footsteps swishing through the grass. Ok, I want to keep reading, but I have to bake bread and possible a German Chocolate birthday cook, which I can't eat, and I did buy him Oreos as a backup in case I couldn't work up the willpower to's no fun being allergic to Happy Food....

Love that you like the beginning.

Oh yeah. Grandkids are still here. I'm stealing a few minutes now to catch up emails/comments/notifications. :)