My Roleplaying Game Table: The GM screen

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Here are some pictures of my Game Master screen that we use with about every reloplaying game.


I mounted the 3D printed screen on a piece of styrofoam to add terrain and details

The 2 braziers in the front, each have a tea light in them (battery operated tea light obviously)

Inside, I have shelves to put miniatures, added some drawers for accessories

Wach wall is covered in velcro to put more custom attachments as needed

Dice tower pointing inside for the game master secret rolls

Dice tower pointing outward for rolls that the game master wants to make public

It took me over 120 hours to 3D prints the parts I needed then about 5 to 6 hours to do the paint job and the terrain.


OMG what an awesome terrain for your games. Your dedication and attention to detail shows in all that you do.

Thank you :) It is definitely a hobby I enjoy a lot.

The result is amazing

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that thing is all kinds of cool

That is one fine piece of art I would say xD
I need more room and a 3d printer I guess mhhh

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Thank you :) Yes, it indeed takes a lot of room when making RPG terrain as a hobby. But it changes the games tremendously. (in a good way)

It's amazing what technology can do. I wonder if a 3-D actual house, one can live in, is being developed? The detail is wonderful! Did I ever mention I adore miniatures? Do you have children/grandchildren? Love it!

The US military engineers actually came up with a 3D printer that uses concrete and they build barracks and bunkers in a fraction of the time. I saw a video about it on YouTube a year ago... was very neat.

Thats pretty sick side!

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oh! good!

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I am a great D&D lover and the Master Screen is very famous for me, even of it Is the screen behind which no one can know what happens...
Steem on!

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Very cool! Love all the details! Thank you for sharing!

Wow! This is downright amazing! I have a 3d printer and would have never thought to utilize it for doing to quite this extent. But now I'm going to! Thank you so much for the inspiration.