How to configure and use Metamask wallet for multiple blockchains?

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Metamask is an Ethereum ETH wallet right?

Well both Yes and No !
Had you asked this question when metamask was launched then my answer would have been a resounding yes.
The reason for this is that back in the days of the launch Ethereum and Bitcoin were the dominant cryptos.
So metamask was designed and developed as a wallet to hold Ethereum.
However as the ethereum ecosystem grew it saw more and more tokes being designed on the Ethereum blockchain.
Thus Metamask began to store these tokens as well.
As time passed the high gas fee of ETh among-st other things incentivized the development of other blockchains.

Metamask suppurts BSC as well

So if you have metamask you can use it to store your BSC based assets as well.
Now without much ado let us see how to use metamask on multiple blockchains.
Let is first install metamask on our computer.
I am using a windows 7 machine and would be installing metamask on the chrome browser.
However chrome is not the only browser that metamask explores.

Getting started with installing metamask

visit on your computer.

Click the Download now button


This shows you the option of installing on Firefox Android and IOS


Choose a browser

Scroll down to select the browser you use.
You can use from
Brave and

If you select Chrome it would take you to the chrome webstore
click the add to chrome button and it should install the extension to the browser.

Click the “Get Chrome Extension” button to install MetaMask.
Click the “Add to Chrome” in the upper right.

4-add to chrome.jpg

Click the “Add Extension” to complete the installation.

5-add to chrome.jpg

Once installed the metamask logo would appear on the top right of the browser bar.
Use pin to make sure the metamask icon remains visible.

6-use pin to ake sure the metamsk icon remains visable.jpg

Post installation one gets auto directed to the home page

7-home page.jpg

Click the "Get Started" button.
The next screen gives you 2 options

7a new or import.jpg

one is to create a new wallet and the other is to import an existing wallet.
New users can use the "Create a Wallet" option.

Agree to the terms of use and back up your 12 word secret phrase

Confirm your secret phrase and complete your wallet creation.

This process completes your ETH wallet creation.

9 eth wallet created.jpg

Select a blockchain from top

Click on the dropdown arrow on the top to pick a blockchain or to add a blockchain select custom RPC

How to add a blockchain to metamak

Go to Custom RPC from the drop down setting
The custom RPC addition of a blockchain requires the following information
Network Name
Chain ID
Currency Symbol (Optional)
BLock Explorer URL (Optional)

11-add custom rpc.jpg

Add BSC to Metamask

To add bsc to metamask add the inforamation as mentioned below
BSC Mainnet
New RPC URL: or
ChainID: 56, or 0x38 if 56 doesn’t work
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

Click the save button and Voila now you can save and send BSC tokens using metamask.

The same process can be repeated for other blockchain networks that are compatible with metamask.

Why the fuss to use metamask for different blockchains ?

Every blockchain worth its salt has a dedicated wallet anyway.
Very true however managing multiple wallets can be such a pain.
It is time consuming and time is money so multiple blockchains support metamask it is a boon as it makes switching blockchains and using various tokens as simple as using the drop down to switch between blockchains.

10 select blockchain.jpg

Currently I am studying and experimenting with robiniaswap a new Pool and farming platform

RobiniaSwap Official Documentation:

Discord Channel:


Hi @thetimetravelerz

Excellent a much more complete procedure, this in a way gives better guidance to users who somehow need to create their MetaMask wallet. This is one of the wallets I use the most in my crypto trading operations.

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