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RE: Curating the Internet: Science and technology micro-summaries for August 19, 2019

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I have found no HF21 booster's reasoning compelling, or even rational. Stinc talks about mass onboarding, and history reveals that when increases in users were occurring, rapine profiteering, flagging, and other deeply flawed business practices chased them off the platform in unprecedented numbers. Expecting halving author rewards to attract authors is ludicrous, and that's the least discouraging aspect of HF21 for the potential market for Steem.

As to the relation of Alzheimer's to sleep disorder, does this mean that my need for naps increasing as I age is why my brain is dying? I thought power naps were a good thing? Fortunately powering a rocking chair does not require a STEM degree.

Getting sleepy. Time for my mid-morning nap.



Well, hopefully with HF21, at least, things can't get much worse (knock on wood. ; -) Seems like it already drove a lot of people to power down at once, but I'm hoping that we're through most of the liquidations. We'll see...