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Quick And Dirty Running Tips Every Friday - 5 Reasons Why You Should Run A Half Marathon


I don't wanna rain on her parade, but to celebrate her 40th Birthday this weekend, is also running her 40th half marathon, which is an amazing achievement and something top be really proud about. A lot of people will sheepishly reply "I'm only doing the Half Marathon", but this is not the way we should look at the distance. Its a huge accomplishment to do one, and it should be celebrated. So for this weeks "Fast Friday" I thought I would got through the top 5 reasons why Half Marathons are pretty awesome.

  1. The Challenge. If anyone thinks a half marathon is easy, they're a joker in my eyes. A half marathon pushes your limits and if you make a mistake with your pace early on, it can have you crying by the end of the race(This is from personal experience).

  2. You Will Recover Faster. Compared to a marathon, you'll almost be walking properly in the next day or so. I remember I couldn't walk down stairs properly for almost a week after my first marathon. Despite the challenge of the distance, you'll be walking around a lot easier after a half marathon.

  3. You Can Reward Yourself. If you can't find an excuse to reward yourself for doing a run, at least you can do it after running a half marathon. Even runners closer to the pointier end of the race will be needing a re feed after running for just over an hour.

  4. You'll Get A Medal. If it's an official race, there is a 99% chance you'll get a medal. Not always true for shorter distance races. So if you run for the bling, this might be a good option for you. Being one of the fastest growing race categories, it's also a good chance to get some good value swag for you race entry fee.

  5. Honestly, Anyone Can Do It. Firstly refer to point number 1. You shouldn't just get off the couch and think you'll be fine to run a half marathon. But with a little training and some perseverance it's a lot more attainable than a lot of people think.

That's just my opinion, so tell me I'm wrong, or get out and run a half marathon.

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Happy birthday to Kirsty, 40 halfs is amazing.

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She should have post for the race coming in the next few days.

Post is up now :)

And since you've run half way, you might as well turn around and run all the way back... :-)

Half marathons are well worth training for and doing I reckon. I am looking at running some myself either later this year or next year.

It's at about this distance that things really start to change - this is where the excess weight just fell off me. This is where I really started to see improvement in my fitness. And this is where to start to realize that the longer distances are achievable, and you don't have to be from Kenya to run them.

Yeah you're right...You definitely transfer to using fat a fuel when you start running these distances as well.