No ‘unfriendly nations’ for Russia, only ‘unfriendly elites’ – Putin

in #russia2 months ago

Unlike the West, Moscow will never “cancel” any foreign culture.

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Yes, I'm sure Russia's invasion has had no impact on Ukraine's culture whatsoever. Neither would nuking another country (which Russia has threatened to do). I'm sure only the "elites" in Ukraine have been harmed and that nukes could be targeted only at elites.

So how does that refer to the article above? I read it more as being about tolerance towards other cultures WITHIN Russia.
btw., did Russia ever sanction Ukraine? Would be interesting to find out.

I don't think tolerating a culture internally while wiping it out externally has much meaning.

I'm not sure if Russia sanctions Ukraine economically or not or not but I'm not sure it would have much effect in any case. Certainly not more of an effect than the bombs and the guns. And of course the territory they have been seizing.

I wonder what's your point. To me this sounds like unspecific talk to arrive at 'Russia is bad'.

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