What's cooking?

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With two kids in the house, one being only a few days old, cooking must be quick and leave as little mess behind as possible. Laundry and dirty dishes are piling up and I am still to figure out how I can make things work without losing my mind.

Little Miss spends so much time in my arms cuddling and breastfeeding, and that leaves me with so little time to do chores around the house. Luckily, my mom comes for help a few hours every day, so we won't be eaten by spiders and cockroaches 😂

With the little time I had today, I threw some pork chops in the oven (God bless whomever invented baking paper). They were already seasoned, so I just dripped a little olive oil over them and let them cook.


We needed something to go with the meat and boiling some potatoes felt right. Half of them became a nice potato salad(with onion, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano)...


And the rest were mashed (with some butter, milk and a chicken broth cube - no extra salt or other spices needed).


With fresh bread the Big Man of the house bought and some cupcakes my mom made (you can see them in the food bag up left corner of the photo), our stomachs got full for yet another day.


That was easy today... Now excuse me, I got a breastfeeding marathon to run AGAIN!

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whaoo.. those pork meat look so good. I guess it was my uncle that invented the baking paper. I want those porkkkkk

Looks tasty. I'm gonna have pork and boiled potatoes for lunch.

I know it’s a lot to juggle. You are doing just fine. It will get easier hopefully for you.

I am feeling hungry right now and you post have made this hunger go up :P

Food looks so tasty. I wants to eat it. Managing a household with kids is not easy but from what we see in your posts you are doing it very well.

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