Experimenting with magnetism...

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I recently found this awesome set of magnetic tiles at a super price last weekend!! The whole set of 148 pieces for less than 60€ (when it usually costs more than 120€ in online shops). I could not resist, so I asked Trumpman to buy it for our little hooligan 😝

He was a little reluctant at first, but I started throwing a ton of arguments for it so he succumbed (or just got fed up with my babbling and said yes so as to make me stop). I mean, think about it, fine motor skills, creativity, building and problem solving skills, first touch with basic magnetism... There was no way we were going to miss that chance!!


The package arrived yesterday and we just opened it this morning. First of all, I must say I got really really excited and started playing with it myself 😂 The potential this set has is very big, you have a wide variety of shapes and an instruction book with various objects to build, from a simple house to a more complicated funfair wheel. 🎡


We began with something easy, a house and a truck first.


Little Man seemed absorbed and it has been almost an hour now he's been playing with these. An hour?! That's a record!!! 😂😂


I hope he keeps showing interest in them and doesn't get bored in a few days like he always does with new toys.


Time will tell...

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Playing with it will help her to sharpen her brains
You've bought a wonderful thing

It really a great idea to get something like that for her

I just read trumpmans post. I’m going to gift these to a buddy of mines toddler in July when he turns three. Thanks