Homemade junk food is always better

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With the prices of gyros and souvlaki rising, we seldom buy those snacks anymore. I prefer to buy gyros meat from a specific butcher's and prepare it at home. I like the seasoning they use there so I never buy from anyone else. Of course it is not the same, but it is healthier and less expensive. Trumpman likes it too, so whenever we feel like having some gyros, I get the meat, potatoes and pita bread and make it in my kitchen in less than an hour. The con here is that I still need to do the washing after that, but we can't have it all, can we?

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Fries are a must if you want to make gyros pita rolls!


As I have told you before, I boil the potatoes for a couple of minutes to remove the excess starch which can get quite unhealthy when cooked in high temperatures. I strain well and fry as I would normally do. Add salt, oregano, thyme, paprika... whatever spices you like and you have delicious homemade fries! I avoid too much salt when I have gyros, because the meat is already too salty.


Corn pita bread is my favorite. It is softer and much tastier than the plain white flour pita bread. Fill it with gyros, fries and the vegetables of your taste, mustard or ketchup or even tzatziki and enjoy till you burst!


Accompany with some cold beer or fizzy drink and of course...


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I love gyros, one of my favorites. There’s a fantastic Greek store about an hour from me. He cuts me up thin slices of the meat for me to take home. Another favorite of mine is Skordalia. I can’t leave the store without it.

Skordalia goes great with fried bakaliaros (codfish) ;)

I’ll give that a try for sure. Thanks

I don't think it is ever possible to have it all too
The fries look amazing
I like it

You have a nice food chunks looks simply an awesome. ❤️

What is better than eating outside food is that what one's heart wants to eat, one should cook it at home and eat it, it will not harm one's health.

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That looks delicious! I love gryos! I'll have to go get myself one today! Nothing better than home cooked comfort food!