Let's get messy!!

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There must be very few babies and toddlers around the world who don't enjoy messy play. My boy is surely not one of them. He loves exploring, he is curious and naughty and he can play undistracted for a long time when edible (and non edible) materials find a place on his play trays.


A few days ago I was cleaning out some kitchen cabinets and found some jelly that had expired. Instead of throwing it away, I decided to turn it into a great sensory messy play for Little Man along with some old corn we already use to play with and some colorful sprinkles. I offered the jelly in a lunchbox and then the sprinkles and corn in two separate dishes (all plastic to avoid accidents).


A set of plastic spoon, fork and knife were also given with two cookie cutters(which I aspired of being able to cut through the jelly, unsuccessfully though).


Little Man's first reaction was to start munching on the sprinkles, as he has already used those is cooking with me and likes the sweet taste. Them he started mixing stuff together, using the fork and spoon or turning bowls upside down. He also tried to eat the jelly and corn, but I was on alert not to let him do so. A jar of pasta I keep around for his messy activities also "joined" the game and things got really really dirty!


Our last addition was some icing sugar I sprinkled over his tray in order to make shapes with our fingers and other materials.

Our dirty playing session ended with a quick shower and clean clothes. After all that, Little Man was too tired and quickly had his lunch before enjoying a long afternoon nap.

Original content by @ruth-girl - All images taken by @ruth-girl with smartphone Moto G22 - All rights reserved


That’s a nifty idea. Good thing you were close by or the jelly and corn were goners

Yeah, he is not to be trusted as he likes to put almost everything in his mouth...

Children are like that and they start playing with anything they find. Your child is very intelligent and beautiful.

Children are so fond of playing. They can play with anything

Yeah! It's amazing how they turn anything into a toy...

amazing! at least the expired jelly was used before it was thrown away. I bet the kid enjoyed it very much .

He loved it! Next time, I'm buying some more from the supermarket and let him eat after playing 😅

Kids will always be kids — they are fond of playing with anything; they virtually turn everything into games or toys... 😀😀😀

I know and it's amazing to watch them being so creative

Yes, of course, it's really amazing...

What a messy boy! I wish my parents were as messy with me. 😅

I hope you don’t mind me saying that I really respect your approach to this post. Not showing the child’s face or name for one. For another, actually letting them play, and not just rely on the ever expanding babysitter - the smartphone/tablet to take care of your child.

Kudos to you! I believe you are raising a wonderful human.


Thank you!
Well, we can't avoid YouTube sometimes, but we keep it for times that's really necessary...

Nice idea , but watch him when he is playing because he might accidentally eat the expired jelly ..

I know,I never took my eyes off him...

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