Let's make some pizza πŸ•πŸ•

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Little Man loves to get messy! He is a curious little boy, who enjoys exploring the world around him and always likes to get his hands in whatever he sees us doing.

A few days ago we made pizza dough together!!


Since I can't cook and watch him around the house at the same time, I choose to engage him in my cooking whenever that is possible(and safe of course). Making doughs is something I always let him lend me a hand and it's really funny seeing him trying to taste everything, mixing stuff with his favorite utensil, the whisk, and getting dirty with flour and dried dough on his hands and clothes.


Here you can see him mixing the dried yeast with the sugar, while I am heating up the water for the recipe.


We already changed clothes once, because he got wet πŸ˜‚ but as you can see from all the flour on his pyjama and face, we had to change clothes AGAIN! Well, at least he got to play with the dough first, spill some more flour on the floor, eat some dough, eat some flour, complain about his hands getting dirty and ask me to wipe them...


After putting another set of clean clothes on him, I was able to finish the pizza with my little chef munching on grated cheese, tomato and pepper slices πŸ˜‚


The funny thing is he didn't want to eat the pizza he helped me make! He just had a couple of bites from the crunchy corner and left...

Oh well, more pizza for Mom and Dad!!

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That is great that you let him work with you in the kitchen. I tried and tried with my daughter. At 24 she still hates cooking. Getting dirty is a requirement as a kid. It didn’t harm the results either that pizza looks delicious.

Haha cutie, help but didn't eat it. The pizza looks great though, woth those cheese overload 🀩

He want to cook :P I'm will say he will become good cook in the future to come.

Future Gordon Ramsey in training

I'll commission another pizza from him, send it my way!