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Today Little Man woke up and found me sleeping on the couch with the baby. After cuddling with me for a while, his sister's face drew his attention. He started caressing her hair and cheeks, touching her nose and eyes, she was sleeping deeply and did not mind but then things got a little more "aggressive"...


Little Man started to shout "lap baby" and wanted desperately to hold her in his lap - so Little Miss had to say bye bye to sleep while crying loud because our little hooligan would not stop until he got what he wanted! 🤣


One is laughing one is crying and I am melting...

Having a sister six years younger, I grew up wanting to get rid of her 😂 and we did not get along until I went to high school. Seeing my kids in those sweet moments together feels so precious. It might be hard having them with so little time apart (25 months), things might get crazy during the day, both kids crying at the same time wanting different things, the house is a mess on a daily basis, there are days when the laundry is piling, sleeping longer than four hours in a row seems like a dream hard to catch, "mom brain" is a constant state of mind BUT...

there are moments like these that make it all worth it! People were right when they told me this might be the most tiring period of my life, but it is also the happiest, sweetest and most memorable of all!

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Those people are definitely right. Which is why even when you speak of the piling laundry and messy house, the joy and excitement in your words can help leaping out regardless. It's so precious seeing these moments and being able to capture them to remind them and yourself what miracles they are and will always be. So nice to be able to share in this with uou.

I understand the tiring part. Fortunately you guys are young enough to handle that! Kids are amazing, and I miss those days. Enjoy!

The picture of the two of them together is pricesless. Little Man has a great attitude toward his sister. He shares the love ♥️

Amazing you find the time to blog. I hadn't checked for a few days. Take care of yourself and enjoy every minute (even though you are exhausted)

Aww, so cute, may God bless them always and gave them a happy life.

Oops. Started off nicely. They will be very close as they grow up, he will look out for her. You’ll be very proud.

The timeframe between them is challenging right now but in the future it will be a blessing. I certainly look back fondly on the memories of my son at those ages and the wonderful things that went on. I need to back up all my pictures so that I don’t lose them! Such wonderful little nuggets they are!

My sons are 6 and 4.5 years old. The wife wants to try for a third child. Honestly, those days of them being so young are awesome. Everything is experience to behold. Those moments during that time go by so fast. I'm amazed at how almost 6 years have flown by since my first son was born. You are truly blessed for having the fortune of childbirth. It's a rough road, but I feel it has been worth it.

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My sis is 16 months older than me. Speaking about little time apart. Lol. And I can only say that it must have been so extremely tiring for my mom. Our father was most of the time working, his day job, and in the evenings odd jobs for extra money. Mom was at home for us, and having two girls just 16 months apart has sure not been easy for her. What I remember is that we could get in girl fights like cats and dogs, but also that we were very close friends when we grew up. She was always there to protect me. And later we had often the same friends to hang out with in the weekend.

Enjoy every precious moment, those are the moments that will be in your memories forever. You're blessed with such a cute boy who really wants to take care of his baby sister. Bless them both!

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She is almost 7 months now ...speechless how time flies