Meet Little Miss Trumpman

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As you already know, our family grew bigger last week. The new member is a healthy little girl who just turned one week old!


Mommy Ruth of course got excited with her newborn model... uhm daughter and already took as many photos as she could.


Little Man seems to like her (so far at least), he keeps trying to touch her, caress her hair and little fingers - he is soooo keen on her tiny fingers. In his eyes his little sister is a strange little person that may look like him, but her tiny size looks so weird in his eyes.


Little Miss has been very quiet. She sleeps a lot, breastfeeds a lot and wets a looooot of diapers all day long.

It feels weird having her here, looking at Little Man, I feel like he's grown tremendously over those last few days. Maybe it's because I keep comparing him with the newborn, she is so tiny and fragile and he is so energetic and big next to her! I hope as they keep growing together, they're gonna be good friends. I can't wait to see them run together across the garden, go down the slide, make handcrafts with me and so many more things!

Kids are a blessing! There are times I feel so tired and sleepy and that I'm running out of patience, but those times fade away whenever I look their cute smiling faces...

Original content by @ruth-girl - Photos taken by @ruth-girl with camera Nikon 6z ii/ kit lens 24-70mm - All rights reserved


Kids are wonderful, and grow so fast! Enjoy!

Kids are stupid!

But they're a lot of fun until they turn into teenagers...

I was waiting for these pictures♥️. So beautiful. Such a precious moment. It's a great gift that Little Man loves her already. I think it's a reflection of his confidence. He's not worried about sharing you. There is enough love for everyone.

Congratulations, @ruth-girl

Thank you so much!!

To be honest, I feel a little guilty for Little Man. When he seeks my attention I am busy taking care of the baby, breastfeeding mostly, and adding the lack of sleep to that, my patience runs out so quickly, I feel I disappoint him these days...

There is enough love for everyone, but maybe not enough time to give everyone what they are used to. Isn't this the natural order of things? Isn't this part of Little Man's socialization? He is learning in the most natural way that he is not the center of the universe, that there will be others with competing needs and interests. The accommodation for the new baby is preparation for the accommodation he will have to make for classmates, and others.

He will only be hurt if you, and others are more charmed by the new baby than they are by him. That's not going to happen😇. You won't let it happen.

Have fun. Love your new baby and son and allow yourself to be human, dear @ruth-girl.

Oh my love! Congratulations! Super proud of you and Mr Trumpman. The little man is a big brother now... How exciting for him.

May she grow up experiencing the bright side of life 🧡

Thank you so so much Love!!

Hope you're doing well!! 🥰♥️♥️🥰

She’s an adorable little miss. Don’t worry she will be growing fast. It won’t be long till they blame each other for stuff.

Thank you!!
If I remember well from my fights with my sister, yeah, the house will look like a battlefield before we even get to realize it...

Oh I didn't even know you were pregnant. And a little girl, I am so happy for you and your two boys.
Yeah our other kids always look so big next to our newborn.
Enjoy this magical time xxxxxc

Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

May she grow healthy wealthy and beautiful!

I already told @trumpman what a lucky cock he is...

Congratulations to you o to!

Thank you!!! ☺️☺️

I had noooo idea it was even happening, I really need to improve my Hive game and keep up.

Either way, Belated congrats!

Thank you!!! Many people didn't know about that as we didn't talk much about it.

She ugly

What is up with that pink heart mask?
Should we call social services?
Also the gender police for subscribing to toxic patriarchal culture.

It's a birth mark 🥺😭


Good job

Like father like daughter 😂

Congratulations! Make the most of your time as time with the kids goes by fast. They hatch very quickly. Thanks for sharing with us ❤️

Thank you!!!

So cute. May God bless her and give her happy full life.

Thank you!

Hello there Little Miss Trumpman! All the best!

Thank you!!

She's growing fast. I wish her more weeks, months and years to go

Thank you so much!

Congratulations! It's a delight to have a new baby at the house, albeit tiring. XD

They grow up soooo fast, enjoy each moment.❤️

Thank you!!


Thank you!!

Hello cutie pie miss Trupman. You are looking sweet juicy chocolaty cake. Because I like it most.
Many many congratulations @ruth-girl

Thank you so much!!

Wonderful little treasure you’ve got! Congrats, babies are such wonderful times! A lot of work but wonderful indeed!

Thank you!!