Np meat day!

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The question that I hate the most, but have to make to myself on an almost daily basis is "What should I cook tomorrow?" Yesterday, I decided to make something without meat, as we've had enough the past days. Legumes, pasta or veggies were the three alternatives I could think of and...



Who wouldn't love a nice bowl of chickpeas soup? Thanks to my pressure cooker, they are ready in no time, as long as I don't forget to put them in a bowl of water the night before. All I had to do the next morning was, rinse them well and put them in my pressure cooker with a grated onion, two grated carrots, two potatoes cut in cubes (mostly for Little Man who isn't much into legumes), olive oil, a little water, salt, pepper, mustard and dried garlic powder.


After letting them cook for 20 minutes and depressing the pot, I took the juice of a lemon, two tablespoons of cornstarch and mixed them with some of the chickpeas broth. Then, I added the mix in the pot and let it cook (lid off) for a couple more minutes.


A little oregano in the end and extra lemon for those who prefer their soup more sour and our lunch table was full with some delicious and also healthy food! Fresh read is a must! First, it bathes in that yummy soup accompanying those chickpeas into our stomachs and in the end it wipes every leftover soup from the dish! Makes dishwashing so much easier 🤣🤣

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That looks really good, I love chick peas!

It was! Chickpeas rule the world of legumes!!

It was delicious ❤️


This quite possibly could be the only recipe or food you have shown that I will never make or eat. I can’t stand chickpeas at all, the taste, texture and smell make me gag.
As long as you like them though. Enjoy

I guess no new addition yet?

Have you tried falafel? It's totally different and so much better than chickpeas soup...

Yeah, not a fan. The taste of chick peas is gross to me.