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Breastfeeding a newborn takes a looooot of your time! Time that you can't do anything since you are stuck on a chair or bed. I mean, sometimes I have to do it walking around the house (but only when I have no other option if Little Man is running around the house while his dad is not there to supervise him for example). This time is really precious for my newborn, and since I cannot be productive in any other way I simply put some Netflix on and enjoy the experience.

I started with movies, watched Mother with Jennifer Lopez and Blood and Gold, a German film, then I turned to series. Trumpman was watching The Good Doctor, so I thought I'd give it a try. Nothing special, a classic medical drama-romance series. The "innovation" here is the protagonist, Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon who has autism combined with an acute memory. The series follows Shaun pursuing a career in a hospital where he is a surgical resident, he tries to overcome the "obstacles" set by his condition, his extreme difficulty in forming personal relationships, building friendships, treating patients and earning people's trust by proving his worth.

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The Good Doctor is an American medical drama television series based on the 2013 South Korean series of the same name. Actor Daniel Dae Kim noticed the original series and bought the rights for his production company. He began adapting the series and, in 2015, eventually shopped it to CBS Television Studios. CBS decided against creating a pilot, but because Kim felt so strongly about the series, he bought back the rights from CBS. Eventually, Sony Pictures Television and Kim worked out a deal and brought on David Shore, creator of the Fox medical drama House, to develop the series.

Through the first three season's I've watched, he has overcome a great deal of his fears and compulsions, he has managed to accept other people's touch, he tries hard to learn how to show his affection and keep a romantic relationship. I have to say, the script can get melodramatic many times, I won't hide, I have cried through quite a few episodes with the stories of several patients but I would not praise the series. I had higher hopes from the creators of House MD tried, but still, it is enjoyable to watch and certainly helps me pass the "free" time I have.

I won't be disclosing more details on the stories of other characters, if you like medical series with a little drama, a lot of romance and personal struggles, then give it a try. I am currently finishing season 3 and have three more seasons to go!

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Definitely not my favorite show, but I'm not really into medical dramas. The nice thing is you have some entertainment while breastfeeding!

I'm not a big fan of medical dramas. The actor does it well but it is a series that ends up boring.

If you can’t do anything else it makes sense to watch some Netflix. I read trumpmans post on it, it’s on my list to give a watch. Haven’t gotten there yet though.