When you have an artist in the family

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As I have mentioned a lot in the past, I have a cousin who is a Fine Art student. She is currently working for a workshop that make religious icons and making good pocket money to support her studies. Since her sister was the one getting married last Saturday, I had the chance to visit their house again and admire a few of her paintings that have been decorating their living room.



You can see various techniques in her work, as some of them are old projects for specific classes and have been graded by her Art professors. Others are just what she felt like painting or her mom asked for (it is her living room after all, she deserves a custom made painting 😛😛).



It kind of feels like you are in an Art Gallery and knowing that the person who made these is the same little girl you used to teach English to and helped her successfully get through English exams years back makes you proud.



I wish she gets to pursue her dream career in Art once she finishes her studies. I would love to see her name among other well known temporary artists. Choosing to study Art in a country that has been facing so many economic problems with unemployment and salaries being unable to support a decent living, is a very bold decision. May her choice be able to provide her with a life she has dreamt of!! She deserves it!!

Original content by @ruth-girl - Photos taken by @ruth-girl with camera Nikon 6z ii/ kit lens 24-70mm - All rights reserved


She is great artist. She made courageous decision. I wish her good luck 🙏

She is very talented, thank you for sharing!

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She drew a very pretty woman
Your cousin is so talented
Help her to grow

That is some very nice work. I wish her the best and hope she becomes a famous painter.

She is talented! Amazing work!

These are legit great works! Although I think the lady in red needs some help with the zip