When you have two kids in the house

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Life with a two-year-old and a newborn is quite tough, considering the different needs of both children. Little Man is full of energy and can't stand being limited inside the house for long. He keeps scattering toys everywhere, opens cabinets and drawers to explore them and generally tests his parents' patience in every possible way. Little Miss, on the other hand, requires more physical touch, cuddles and breastfeeds a lot during the day and has no set sleeping pattern so far. This leaves us adults sleepless and fighting to function properly sometimes.

Luckily, there are moments that put a biiiiig smile on your face and help you forget all about the lack of sleep, how tired you feel and how many more chores you need to do today but you can't do them all, as your hands are tied by a tiny person who needs to be with you (basically, on you), limiting your moves.

Moments like this one here...


Milk drunk Little Miss!!
*If that's not adorable and cute, then what is?

And other funny moments like that with Little Man...


Who decided to take his old stroller for a test drive to make sure it's safe for his little sister to ride. 😂😂


I was in the kitchen, cooking and went to check on him as he sounded suspiciously quiet... Well, that was the reason!! 😂

Stay tuned! More moments like these are definitely coming soon... Very soon!!

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Hang in there it will get a little easier. Little man is a very curious young man.

How cute! I do miss having kids that age. But not enough to have new ones! I know the feeling when the house is suddenly too quiet so you rush off to see what's wrong!

your life is empty without kids, they are the sunshine of your life, and without them, your life is nothing.

You're so lucky with children, life is so much more beautiful when they cry and playing have a great time.