When you want to become a transformer but have to improvise...

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We spend mornings together with Little Man and given the fact that he is a healthy, energetic two-year-old he gets bored easily and needs to get himself busy in activities that help him channel his energy. This is quite hard to do indoors, so I need to find things to keep him busy (and safe) with things I keep around the house.


Like the box of clothespins we found the other day...


He dropped it and scattered all the clothespins on the floor. He likes to split them open and I get frustrated by this, as it's annoying trying to put them back together. So this time I turned his interest more towards "building" instead of "disassembling".


Using some large clothespins we keep for blankets and duvets as a base, I gave him super cool wings!!


Now my little transformer can run around the house trying to fly above the furniture 😂😂

The truth is he found that game so interesting that he kept giving me more and more clothespins and asking me to make his "wings" bigger and bigger. We must have spent half an hour (if not more) on the floor playing. He didn't want to take them off, not even when his right hand started to get swollen from the pressure. I removed the clothespins and he started to complain asking for his "wings" back!!

Next time we're giving him "wings" on his legs and see how that goes... 😂

Original content by @ruth-girl - All images taken by @ruth-girl with smartphone Moto G22 - All rights reserved


Kids are amazing….. good thinking on the fly.

I think I will combine clothespins with his magnetic tiles one of these days and see his reaction 😂😂

Αυτη είναι η ευλογία του να έχεις παιδιά στην ζωη σου! Σου διδασκουν πόσο απλά είναι τα πράγματα για να είσαι χαρούμενος! Είναι απλα θεμα συνήθειας και φαντασίας! Υπέροχος ο αντράκος σας!

Ευχαριστούμε!! ☺️
Μερικές φορές σκέφτομαι ποτέ σταματήσαμε εμείς οι μεγάλοι να νιώθουμε τόσο ευτυχισμένοι με τόσο απλά πράγματα...

I miss having a kid that age, they are so much fun!

All the kids are like this, they use to get bored easily and that is why they always try to do new things :D which something make trouble for them as well as for parents.

Haha... This is beautiful and fun to read. I am glad he had something to keep his energy running. Wings on his feet? Haha. Great.

Awwwwwww his got a cool wings right there and do well to show us how the leg wings look like 😃

I used to do this too when I was little
Sometimes I'll put them on my finger nails to signify that I have just fixed my nails but it is very painful

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