When your expectations meet with disappointment

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I was at the butcher's the other day to buy some meat and saw these promising croissants!


Filled with chicken, gouda cheese and bacon, they made my mouth feel so watery, I could not resist buying them. I thought they would make a nice lunch dish with some salad on the side.


The lady at the butcher's told me to cook at 180°C for about 40 minutes. I put my baking paper in my tray and turned the oven on. The croissants started to get all fluffy, since they were made with puff pastry. Smells hard to resist started to fill my kitchen and I was so hungry and anxious to try this delicacy that cost 8,20 € a kilo I could not wait for the food to cool down.


As soon as 45 minutes were over (well, I gave another 5 minutes extra just because I always want to make sure the meat is completely cooked), I turned the oven off and served with some cool cucumber slices, since, one whole croissant was enough for one person and no supplements such as rice or fries were needed (which saved me from the extra fuss of cooking something else to go with the chicken).

I was drooling and blowing at my food to help reach a temperature that would not give burns to my tongue and then the first bite came!

Meeeh! Mediocre taste, the chicken tasted like boiled chicken without seasoning, the bacon was not strong enough and the cheese was also very mild in taste. As for the puff pastry, it seemed to prevail in most bites. At first I thought it was the high temperature that didn't let the tastes unfold, but waiting for a few minutes did not change anything for the better. Trumpman did not like it either. He emptied our plates, as we didn't have anything else for lunch, but I am not going to buy those croissants again! Next time, I am making chicken rolls with puff pastry but with a filling better and more tasty than this one!

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Doesn’t that just suck. You get yourself ready for something that totally lets you down. But being a good cook also makes you this way as well. Think of how many they sell of those yet they suck. Because most people don’t cook anymore so they don’t know what good food tastes like.

Really annoying!!! My mom bought something similar for the New Year's table, it was stuffed with pork, nuts and raisins... Too salty, too greasy, such a waste of money. I mean, we always expect something more decent at least from the description, but then all we get is a big meeeeh

Fortunately but also unfortunately I have a degree in culinary. So I know what dishes are supposed to taste like for the most part. There are dishes I’ve never tried I’m sure, but knowing the style of cooking gives me a knowledge of even never tried before dishes a marker of flavor profile to look for. When I go out to dinner it’s usually for a good steak, so if the place uses good meat I’m good. I cook foods from just about everywhere, so I’d rather just make dishes myself.

When a person is very hungry and a person hears, OK, the food here is very good and a person is free, he goes to see how much more fun it will be to do it here, and when the house comes and the way we you are thinking that it would be very sad if it did not happen in this way.

bad experiences are there to teach you good lessons ;) Learn from it and don't repeat it again.

Wow! At first, from the look, I thought it's something that's going to be sweet, until I read through your post, because the look is really captivating... I can imagine how disappointing it must have been for you, to have your taste buds eagerly anticipating a delicious meal, only to be disappointed by the lack of flavour. I think It would be a good decision if you try and make chicken rolls with a more flavorful filling next time, by experimenting with different seasonings and spices to enhance the taste of chicken.