Steemit radio

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Steemians! Music proves the spiritual side of life. Why do we enjoy it so much? 

I'm an audio nut and musicophile (and consensus/blockchain/crypto nerd) so of course I was thrilled at the idea of consensus based radio. Every time I turn it on through it's unbelievably terrible. 

Either it's that my taste diverges from the crowd or maybe it's that the crowd is not truly controlling the stream. RadioSteem works by asking people to donate .33SBD to add a request. So clearly, it's the later option: we are not in charge of the radio. 

I'd suggest to @radiosteem a new method. Let people post a suggestion to be played for only .01-.05SBD, then ask people to upvote the posts and let the currently most liked one (based on number of votes) be played next. 

Evidence of the decay of RadioSteem:

Whatever SBD I get from this will be used to play indie songs like Vampire Weekend and Of Montreal, some light dance like Chairlift or Jamie XX, some folk like Sufjan Stephens and Fleet Foxes.