Want to learn about the Smart Contract used for SAND? Want to learn about EOSIO NFTs so we can merge them with new Steem Engine NFTs?

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SAND smart contract on EOSPARK



First Deploy Contract for SAND is here https://eospark.com/tx/b54f259802a7bc114448c2bb0dc2cc13cd30a8af417d1eb7df0a286d1c8a75e0

hey look a button for 'retire" Imagine that... you can "retire" a smart contract (a token ) when your done with it

I hope you all are starting to see how amazing EOSIO is and why i purchased the domain EOSTEEM.net http://EOSTEEM.net for our growing telegram https://t.me/steemoneos

And here we can see SanDiegoCoin on EOS has NFT capabilities and I cannot wait to see them WITH steem engine NFTs

I will even soon have SAND EOS staking on bloks.io like with PEOS here https://bloks.io/wallet/dapps/peos

Look I even have over 200 PEOS to claim (I wonder if that is direct secret darknet trading or indirect? )

Buy PEOS here https://newdex.io/trade/thepeostoken-peos-eos

PEOSP here https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=PEOSP

I will also get @weedcash help with staking EOS WEED tokens just like SEED which uses EOSTOOLKIT

BY THE WAY all WEEDCASH users use WOMABT for a fREE eos wallet to trade Weedcash on newdex

Now if you are in San Diego come to my local meetup! https://www.facebook.com/sandiegotoken

And dont forget to check out https://SanDiegoCoin.org and download htps://wallet.coolx.io for Telos Wallet Free on mobile, and for EOS Mobile LYNX and TokenPocket for EOS mobile and MEETONE if you need a free EOS account that you can own the keys for. Now for a FREE instant wallet for EOS, use https://getwombat.io