Liverpool Should Be Able To At Least Get A Draw I Hope

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Got to be realistic, Liverpool's ride on the Champion's League bus ends here tonight. They didn't play too badly at the Nou Camp but they they got punished for not taking their chances.

I can't see them scoring three goals to get past Barcelona and 'Barcelona to go through' should be free money. Unfortunately that option isn't available so i'm going to roll over the entire profits from yesterday's Man City bet on Liverpool 1X.

Barcelona aren't as impressive away from home and unless Liverpool do something stupid, which is always a possibility with Liverpool, i think they'll get a draw at worst.

Blitzpredict options are pretty limited so i've gone with Liverpool +0 at 1.93. On Betscorum i've gone for Liverpool +0.5 instead at 1.57.


I'm thinkig draw, too.

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Wow... Didn't see that coming lol

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Looks like he was feeling sick. Anti nausea maybe?

Most football world wants Liverpool getting into the final, indeed. Lets see what happens.

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